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  1. Drink heaps of water and have lots of fibre in your diet. Ive been putting Psyllium husk in my smoothies/cereal and last night I took some stool softener I found in the cupboard it had expired so don't know if it was any good but finally went today (p/op day3) good luck x
  2. Just an update guys. Its day 3 PO and I feel even better. Did a whole lot of sleeping yesterday and very little of anything else. I have stopped all pain killers and today I feel amazing. Ive been cleaning the house made pancakes and finally had a bowel movement that was really starting to annoy me!! damn painkillers... have my follow up apt next wed and cant wait to get a more comfortable bra. Would love to hear of others experiences. good luck ladies and enjoy your new boobies x
  3. Well I am day1 post op and feeling ok. My surgery went really smoothly. I went in to theatre talked some mumbo jumbo whilst they put me to sleep next thing I was awake in another room chatting with the nurses.... of course first move was to check out my new additions. yep they were there! I felt pretty groggy, they gave me a couple of pills (pain relief I think) but they made me nauseas straight away so I had an injection to take care of that... it didn't work so they gave me another. I got my colour back apparently and felt well enough to have a cup of tea. hubby came to pick me up an hour later and that was it. that night I slept on and off not in much pain at all. Today not as sore as I had expected, actually not at all what I had expected. After reading and reading and reading so many blogs and forums of different BA experiences I think I was totally overwhelmed and was really anxious and scared leading up to my surgery. I am no where near in as much pain as I was expecting (keeping in mind it has been just over 24hours so the worst may still come) I have been using the rapid recovery method stretching every 2 hours and taking Panadol. I took codine last night and will take two more tonight before bed. Ive been drinking plenty of fluids, moving around and eating normally. I have spent a fair bit of time on the couch and had little snoozes throughout the day but all in all its ok. My main thing I would like to share for those of you leading up to your surgery is don't stress. everyone is different and your experience will be your own experience so don't get too bogged down reading all of these forums and opinions. Relax and embrace it. make the most of having some quiet days after your op and enjoy your new boobies!!
  4. That's great to hear thank you IBR
  5. Hi Ladies, This is my very first post on a forum EVER so bare with me as I go. Im just looking for any feedback from anyone who has used Dr Briggs in Perth. I am booked in for surgery for BA soon and am hoping I have made a good decision...
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