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  1. Girls have a look, maybe you will find something that relates to what are you feeling: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iEu-wcxCf8A https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AYN2H-hSHXU https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=26ujM8c-W9Q All the best to you all.
  2. 41, breastfeed 2 kids, still trying to find a good doctor that I can afford.
  3. You put my question on the table, I feel your pain. Is good to know I'm not the only one. The difference is I cancelled my because on the top of everything I started feeling unsafe with the Clinic I choose. But I can't stop thinking I want to have beautiful breasts, so I'm always here reading your posts and hopping to find a good doctor I can afford... All my friends that did it said its normal, and everyone is very happy with the results, they feel more beautiful, sexy, and confident about them selves. All the best for all of you!!
  4. Please Sullengirl, do you know if Dr. Donna offer CC warranty?
  5. Hi Tiger 91, Sorry your story wasn't good. All we want are feel better with our body. I was booked for next week with Dr Tang, but with all the bad news a freak out. But I'm so desesperate to get have my boobs that I was thinking about again, as I have no chance to spend 10.000, and I dont want to wait more 2 years till do it in Brazil. :-( Please tell all your story, for people like me do think twice before putting their breasts in bad hands. thank you for share your story with us.
  6. They are nice, just need time to settle Darling. Wait and you will love them. I never saw someone complaining of the boobs of Miroshinik, you are in good hands. ;-)
  7. How are you now Darling? I hope you are ok and very happy with you boobs... Sending you love.
  8. You look amazing!!! They are perfect, please don't change anything.
  9. Amazing news!!! This is what a good doctor must do! I'm very happy for you. The reputation is everything in this business. I'm so happy with his response, the he handled your concerns is very good, this show that you choose a good doctor. I'm cancelling my surgery booked for December at TCI after see The Current Affair, I was choosing them because the good results with Dr. Tang and price ( I can't afford $ 12.000). But I can't trust a clinic that dont care of their patients, no woman in the world should feel bad and without help after a bad surgery result. So I'll need to give up my dream of nice breasts and be happy for be alive for my children... I'm feeling sad now.
  10. I loved, please don't change your size, is just perfect!
  11. Hi have a look on member named L, the the lady is very worried with her breasts implants, same doctor. http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/topic/20862-absolutely-freaking-out-right-boob-looks-terrible-????/
  12. You are not an idiot getting your boobs done. I have 2 kids, breastfeed them and loved it, but not I look in the mirror and I see an old lady, I'm 41 but I think I'm looking like so much older, part of this is my saggy breast. I'm now 2 years wishing to have breast implants, but I'm so scared. And to be worse I don't have $12500 to do it it with the doctor I wish. So I'm thinking on TCI, because I can afford and saw lots of very good reviews, but still trying to be sure of my decision. My friends like your don't support my decision. My husband thinks my breasts are ok. so hard... You just want to feel comfortable, happy with yourself, we all are better parents and lovers when we are happy with ourselfs... I wish you a better result possible. Please let us know how was everything and the name of the doctor to praize or avoid. Good luck!!
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