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  1. I am 6 months post op, having had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Kleid, i can't speak highly enough of him and my whole experience. He is just such a talented surgeon in this area, and got me breathing again after my first rhinoplsty (with another plastic surgeon) resulted in a collapsed bridge. I really love that he is only one of a few ENT surgeons who understands the importance of achieving both long term function and desired cosmetic appearance. Good luck
  2. Hi, Not sure how your consult went, but I am 6 months post op (revision rhinoplasty) with Dr Stephen Klied in Melbourne, he is amazing and i am so grateful to have found him to reverse and repair a bad initial rhinoplasty. The imaging is fantastic and i now know, a good surgeon will not operate unless he has a plan and a blueprint of what he needs to work towards creating. Try not to shop on price alone, i learnt that the hard way and ended up spending 3x that to get it fixed. Good luck
  3. I can't speak of the doctors you mentioned, but I agree with 'TheFox' you should consider seeing Dr Stephen Kleid at least for an initial consult. I travelled from Adelaide to have him do revision rhinoplasty, after an Adelaide Plastic Surgeon destroyed my nose in 2013 (both the cosmetic appearance and function were worse). I am now 6 months post op and am so happy with the result which will apparently even get better. I just only wish i knew about him prior to having my first rhinoplasty, i would have saved alot of money, time and heartache. He really demonstrates mastery in this area.
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