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  1. Oh crap @vlinder that sux. Fingers crossed not too much shrinkage. Must be incredibly upsetting after all you have gone through.
  2. 😳 oh apologies your previous comments have only just popped up
  3. Hey @vlinder how did your procedure go?
  4. Oooooooo today I’m having my deep frown line stabbed 😳
  5. I paid $220 for between brow and above. I will be getting the deep forehead line done soon and that will be $100. Still loving my results 😀
  6. It definitely takes longer than 2 days. Results will be obvious anywhere from 7-14 days
  7. I'm loving it and I think my kids (especially my 5 year old) appreciate me not looking like the angry mum anymore
  8. @vlinder that is so awesome. I was surprised as to how quickly I could see the difference. Loving it and will need to keep it up to date 😀
  9. @LaurenTwhen I raise my brows I have some deep lines on my forehead. I'm still in 2 minds about it for that area. Might get half of a head stab
  10. So I decided to have a consult at the same salon (B Induldged) I have been having IPL and also cosmetic tattooing done for the last few years. I decided to give disport a go on my WTF (frown) lines and will be having my forehead (Botox) done in a few weeks also. This is a progress pic from the day of being injected to 9 days post. I'm really impressed with my results and think I will be keeping this up to date. Amanda was amazing and answered all of my questions plus we also had a Skype chat with her superiors as well.
  11. @Win honestly I don't know much about filler. I have a consult in 3 weeks at the same place I have my IPL and cosmetic tattooing done. I know their work is amazing... to the point my mum also goes there
  12. So I'm nearing 40 and after chatting to some of my friends have decided that I should do some research into injectables. Thinking smile lines, wtf lines and forehead... I'm in Brisbane. Could anyone give my any info as I understand that there is more then just Botox and I don't want fillers
  13. They are amazing. I also have my IPL done threw them
  14. Suzie 8f I had mine done at B indulged. Jesika has a shop at graceville and also one in Ipswich.
  15. I have previously had TT, MR, BL but think it's time to start doing my research for a BA. I'm in Brisbane... has anyone had experience with surgeons in the area?
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