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  1. Oh crap @vlinder that sux. Fingers crossed not too much shrinkage. Must be incredibly upsetting after all you have gone through.
  2. ? oh apologies your previous comments have only just popped up
  3. Hey @vlinder how did your procedure go?
  4. Oooooooo today I’m having my deep frown line stabbed ?
  5. I paid $220 for between brow and above. I will be getting the deep forehead line done soon and that will be $100. Still loving my results ?
  6. It definitely takes longer than 2 days. Results will be obvious anywhere from 7-14 days
  7. I'm loving it and I think my kids (especially my 5 year old) appreciate me not looking like the angry mum anymore
  8. @vlinder that is so awesome. I was surprised as to how quickly I could see the difference. Loving it and will need to keep it up to date ?
  9. @LaurenTwhen I raise my brows I have some deep lines on my forehead. I'm still in 2 minds about it for that area. Might get half of a head stab
  10. So I decided to have a consult at the same salon (B Induldged) I have been having IPL and also cosmetic tattooing done for the last few years. I decided to give disport a go on my WTF (frown) lines and will be having my forehead (Botox) done in a few weeks also. This is a progress pic from the day of being injected to 9 days post. I'm really impressed with my results and think I will be keeping this up to date. Amanda was amazing and answered all of my questions plus we also had a Skype chat with her superiors as well.
  11. @Win honestly I don't know much about filler. I have a consult in 3 weeks at the same place I have my IPL and cosmetic tattooing done. I know their work is amazing... to the point my mum also goes there
  12. So I'm nearing 40 and after chatting to some of my friends have decided that I should do some research into injectables. Thinking smile lines, wtf lines and forehead... I'm in Brisbane. Could anyone give my any info as I understand that there is more then just Botox and I don't want fillers
  13. They are amazing. I also have my IPL done threw them
  14. Suzie 8f I had mine done at B indulged. Jesika has a shop at graceville and also one in Ipswich.
  15. I have previously had TT, MR, BL but think it's time to start doing my research for a BA. I'm in Brisbane... has anyone had experience with surgeons in the area?
  16. Wow @Booklet. I had a BL, TT with muscle repair 10 months ago. I was in hospital for 6 days and then 3 days after my hubby went back up north due to being FIFO. Yes my mother took my kids to and from school but I did everything else around the house and with ease. Might be good to do the holiday after cause then there is no real rush to do much at all
  17. I'm with grand united (part of Australian unity). My tummy area was classified as medical so my stay in hospital was covered
  18. So good to hear from you @vlinder. Yay to progress boo to more surgery. Fingers crossed this will be the last of it all. I'm not sure which area to take from... maybe inner thigh. I've a.ways wanted a thigh gap
  19. Lily gave me a medical code for my TT and muscle repair but not for my BL. My phi covers me anytime I'm admitted to hospital
  20. After my surgery I was in hospital for 6 days. When I went home my husband had to go back to work up north and I was living with my mum. Mum didn't take time off work but would walk my kids to school in the mornings and I was home with either a 3 or 5 year old. I showered by myself, cooked meals, did washing but sat while loading and unloading the machine. If I was tired I slept. Ate when I wanted and sat around watching movies. It can be done but you need to know your limits and listen to your body
  21. Lily vrtik is amazing. I had my surgery (tummy tuck, muscle separation and breast lift) at the end of January this year. My private health covered my whole hospital stay and for everything else I was out of pocket $8,600. Even tho you may have to cover accomodation I believe it would still be more cost effective then going overseas
  22. @mummytummy79 Lily did my surgery back in January. She is amazing
  23. Coughing is a part of the recovery really. But keep a small pillow handy and when you feel the urge to cough put the pillow over the tummy area and apply some pressure.
  24. I'll have to do an up to date pic. I haven't done one in a while now. My scar is very low... when wearing underpants it's not visible at all which is something that I love love love. The day of my surgery when she was drawing her guide lines I said to her wow that will be low. She said because of the way I had my 'hang' (meaning yucky tummy) she could go that low. I love how it's all healed now. I have found that my pubic hair line ended up being a bit higher then previously but have been having IPL done which has also faded it out more. I only had the 1 consult with Lily in December a few days before Christmas. My quote was emailed to me a few days later and I did my booking early January. They could have gotten me in on January 21st but prefer you to not be on the pill for 3 weeks prior to your op. So from first consult to surgery was just over a month. I hadn't worn a bikini since I was a teenager but braved it on a girls weekend last month and love what I see in the mirror every day. It's all kept me focused on my weight since I worked so hard to drop 30kg and keep it off. now I'm off to take a few pics ?
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