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    Breast Augmentation
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    Tim Brown 5th Sept 2012
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    162cm 49kgs Pre op 8B/C
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  1. Hi Im sorta similar stats also, 162cm, 48kgs, bwd of 12.5cm ribcage 27" Surgeon suggested extra high profiles in sizes 345cc 365cc and 395cc, i wasnt happy with the sizes as i felt they werent big enough so he ended up installing 420s i wanted 460s but he said no or put on 10kgs i have pics if you want to have a look FR me
  2. I'm 162cm 48kgs and got 420cc, I used to be 8B too FR me to c my pix
  3. thanks babe yeh the bleed is sorted! the ps said when they went in to drain there was no bleed, just left over blood so thats a good sign... i think we put so much thought and effort into the final result and when we are a few weeks post op we get depresso cos we get impatient or what we thought in our minds pre op isnt the same lol i went through thinking mine werent big enough and was crying to my bf that i wanna get new implants hehe weird cos im so much bigger then what i was pre op
  4. i think you look great fantastic and what a transformation from pre op! happy healing and look forward to future pics and updates
  5. omg i woke up this morning feeling the exact same way! some days i think theyre a great size then other days i feel like they too small and ive wasted my $$ and wanna get new ones put in..... dont stress too much babe as ur early in still and due to getting unders like others have mentioned u have so much drop n fluffing to do, ive read on other forums aswell as this one girls with unders get bigger boobies as months progress, as with overs or sub fascials (what i got) i think we end up looking smaller once the swelling is gone (im hoping i fluff a bit in get bit bigger lol but i doubt it) I think youll be happy in the next few months just give em time to relax and settle n youll be set for summer
  6. hi honeybee, sorry to hear bout the small bleed but i too have had the same thing, mine swelled about 8 hrs after surgery but my PS left it for 2 weeks incase it fixed itself cos they dont like reopening increased risk of infection. Anyways my 2 week post op visit i was still swollen but not as bad and he decided to operate to drain cos im a small framed girl with a bigger implant it wouldve taken months to go down and advised me its the quickest option for quicker recovery. The op is too easy only took 15mins and i was out of OR and waiting to feel better and then was sent home i have been sweet since the drain and my boob looks heaps better i have pics in my photo albums. If u have any questions pls ask as i was doing my own head in googling bleeds and the thought of increased CC scared me but my surgeon said its not true, so yeh. Hope i could help
  7. congrats babe! 435 sounds great rest up and enjoy the boobie journey! everyday brings something new hehe!
  8. I got some soft seamfree low cut crops from Lorna Jane, as recommended by one of the nurses. they cute and not as bulky as the ahh bras and only $20 hth
  9. congrats babe im sure theyll look fantastic! Now relax and enjoy the healing process
  10. Good luck billychic ull be fine!! Xx
  11. Hi!! Not sure if theres a thread already but was just curious how long should i wait till I can start fake tanning after surgery?? Have a few events coming up and need to tan these puppies!!
  12. im also feeling depresso about no gym as i used to go 6x a week... and the set back of the bleed and getting it sorted has set me back an extra 2 weeks, but i just think to myself as long as i eat healthy and get in a bit of walking here and there i should be fine. Least we have perfect boobs! and kgs can always be lost
  13. Hope every1 is finding recovery as pain free as possible I was first in this morning to get my left boob drained and feeling a lil meh from the anasethic :/ They removed about 100cc of blood and I'm now looking more symmetrical... So happy it's over but sucks I'm back to day 1 for lefty P.s my post op album shows what to look out for if anyone's concerned as I had 0 pain which made the surgeon bit unsure if it was just swelling n bruising or a bleed xxx
  14. Thanks yeh will def keep u all updated.. Xo
  15. Hey guys just an update, I had my BA done on 5th sept but going back into surgery to remove a bleed in my lefty tomorrow :/ damn haematoma!! Hope every1 is recovering well xoxo
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