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  1. Wow thank you so much I will check him out Are you having a revision or is this your initial breast augmentation?
  2. Thank you so much girls. I was already considering dr dona . Guess I will just have to travel. Melbourne surgeons are just so conservative .
  3. Hi girls, I was just wondering if any one knows a surgeon in melbourne who does 800cc implants? I Have 600cc implants at the moment and need a revision. Thank you
  4. hi guys can someone please recommend a good injector for cheeks in melbourne? I would prefer to go to LCA as i want to get voluma in my cheeks.
  5. I have been getting lip fillers for years and been to many many injectors. The best one i have found is Lynny from oz skin clinic in highpoint shopping centre. She always gives me the look I am after. She also knows how to make the most of the product. I have recommended her to all my friends . Here is a pic of my lips.
  6. I have heard it can as some injectors dilute the product for use in lips.
  7. Can anyone recommend an injector in melbourne who can put voluma in my lips. I have been getting fillers in my lips for three years and have tried perlane , restylane , juvaderm, juvaderm ultra plus and they only last one month. I need something more long lasting .
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