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  1. I haven't even been sized yet. Is that bad? I'm yet to go, but I have to travel 40 minutes to the nearest lingerie store. I'm holding off on purchasing a push up bra until I know my size I have a feeling a push up bra will change my life haha!
  2. Thank you so much to everyone for their replies! This has really helped me more than you know. As of right now I'm not wearing underwire or push up or any crazy supportive bras. Only my post op bra and a soft cup wire free bra. I just wanted to know if were possible Thank you so much again girlies I really appreciate it!
  3. I'm sorry if this question has previously been answered, I tried my best to search old threads to see if I could find an answer with no avail. I am currently 2 months PO and don't want any further dropping. I still want to keep a decent amount of fullness at the top of my breasts and was wondering if there's anything in particular I could do to stop the dropping process? Wearing more supportive or push up bras during the day? Any suggestions would really help!
  4. I'm more than happy to answer any questions. I'm way more familiar with injectables haha so if I can help in any way, let me know They don't often talk about that option when you go in, but just ask, they apply the product directly to the top lip line and it flips it. The cost is so minimal too, depending on whether they have specials or not. Its $30-60! Definitely ask them about it
  5. You're waaaaayyyyy too kind! Seriously! All in total I've had 3.75 mls in my lips and that's over a duration of 4 years. Now I no longer need to top up, they've held their fullness completely so now I simply go in to get Botox in my top lip, which 'flips' the top lip, so makes it look fuller and more pronounced. If that makes sense Hahah! You're not annoying at all. I used MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Bronzer called 'Give Me Sun' and Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Glow Kit hope that helps!
  6. Hope this helps! I have had them done 4 times now, the lumps for me ended up going away with massaging them out
  7. I went to Laser Clinics after previously going to Vie Institute for my first ml of juvederm which cost me $700. I have been back to LCA 5 times and wouldn't go anywhere else! I get so many compliments and praise over my lips. I love them!
  8. Hi lovely I know you live in North Brisbane but I constantly go to Nat at Laser Clinics in the Sunshine Plaza. I have been 5 times now and am totally I've the moon with my results. I previously went to Vie Institute initially but wouldn't go back. Nat is incredible at what she does! And is worth the hike. If you want any pictures I'd be happy to send :)
  9. I'm currently 12 days post op and I've noticed additional bruising within the past few days. Is this normal? or should I contact my surgeon?
  10. Hey lovely! Thank you so much! Yes, my information pack said no oil - which I think I was getting confused with oil and anything that contained oil as an ingredient. I think I'm partially paranoid because I don't want to do anything wrong. Thank you again though, this really helps
  11. I was recommended a cream called Stratamark but I've been to every chemist near where I live and they either have never heard of it or tell me it's discontinued! I purchased Palmers Pregnacy Stretch Mark cream but not sure if it's correct, what cream have you or do you use or recommend? Also happy 1 week post op to me ??
  12. I believe you cannot have any products on body that may carry bacteria - I think moisturiser on face is okay
  13. Definitely everything listed above, plus Oddfellows (or the XXX Strong Mints) - they cured any waves of nausea I had
  14. That's so exciting! I'll be sending you positive vibes ? are you getting general anaesthetic? Yay for nice boobies! ?
  15. Of course you can! How exciting let me know if you have any questions or queries I can help with ? Who is the surgeon are you going with?
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