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    Byron Bay
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    BA 3rd Nov TCI Southport Dr Nguyen chose 415cc HP previously small 12B
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    Dr Nguyen 3/11/15
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    5''7 60KG 12B 12.5 BWD

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  1. Well worth the wait and all the patience. They will look so good in 2 weeks!
  2. Shellze that's amazing your recovery went well mine did too! My breasts are really close together 1 week post op so now I have to focus on thumb rolling and go back for a check up. I reckon it's just fluid though. Zero pain for me too! I might get boob greed when they drop and fluff haha. And they don't feel very swollen or seem super high right now which is great. Dr Nguyen said when they drop they will give more in the projection? Has that happened with you Shellze? And I hope they don't shrink too much lol. So far I'm a really happy patient!! You are so lucky you get bigger sizes like that! And why XHP only do you have a narrow chest? From what I remember it's slightly more projection and upper pole. The implants they use are Natrelle Inspira and you could find a size chart to see the differences? Did you show him pictures of the end result you would like? I reckon go with what your heart is telling you, you still have plenty of time to find others with those sizes so you can compare it to what you would like
  3. That's so great to hear! What size did you end up choosing? And what profile? I'm going to decide on the day and hopefully he let's me up the size in HP's. Plus he seems very knowledgeable and reassuring in the consultation. He was funny too. Did you opt to include the capsular contracture guarantee? And what brand or type of bra is ok to wear when not wearing the post op surgery bra? Xx
  4. Also any ladies out there who would highly recommend capsular contracture guarantee for 5 years? It's $490 with the cosmetic institute but after asking my surgeon he says it's a 5% rate of who gets it and says if you look after them properly you decrease your risk. Has anyone purchased the guarantee? Or think it's a great idea? Or just a waste of money? And also one more Q has anyone lost nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation? Thank you for your help! Xx I know that implant size like E-F translates to a D-DD in real boobies? Makes it so hard and confusing haha but Dr Dona is a great surgeon and trainer he just recently performed a BA on one of my workmates and his photos on his website look outstanding and hopefully you get 700cc!! Supposedly 800 is the max you can get in Aus too I think but good luck with your consultation babe! Xx
  5. Yes I chose him over Dr Kenny because I saw more of his post op pics and thought he does a great job
  6. That sounds AH-MAAZING if it's the Vectra 3D machine i've only heard good things about it. Although your breasts still may come out different it's still a good way to predict what sizes/ profiles will look like on you. I am also asymmetrical with one breast/ nipple lower then the other. If I go too big it will look more obvious, apparently there's not a lot they can do about it. But it's easier to regret going too small I think. I want at least 415cc's and HP and will try on sizers again. The best part about the consultations are the sizers hahaha and make sure to ask lots of questions. Have fun!
  7. Hi Jemma! Did you end up having a consult? And if so, how did it all go? Have you had your surgery yet? Xx How was your recovery? I'm going in next week!! I'm so so excited but also need to make my mind up with sizers on the day. How did you make the right choice with your size? Xx
  8. Hey Prue, Are you booked in for surgery or consultation early Nov? If you have already had the consultation how did you go? I can't make my mind up about the sizers haha I think going next size up is the best.
  9. I would love to have great shape with nice cleavage and a natural to augmented look on me and I think when I try sizers on again next Tuesday i'll just go with the bigger option because that's what a lot of surgeons out there say to do and >50 doesn't make a big difference! But i'm not keen on XHP's more HP so possibly 415 HP up to 485 HP if i'm allowed. What are your stats if you don't mind me asking and your breast width? What size would you go up to? And are there any issues or problems you had with your first set? Like skin stretching, back problems, finding bras that fit etc? What cup size are you also? Xx
  10. What were your choices when you went in for a consult and your highest CC option vs. what you ended up with? And do you have any regrets?
  11. They are Natrelle textured round gels and HP would be 12.75 at the base by 5.3cm projection and 470 XHP will be 12.5 width by 6.2 projection. Oh and my breasts are not on the same level my left one is slightly lower so hopefully it doesn't accentuate it after surgery.
  12. Hi everyone!! At the moment I can't make up my mind. I have surgery coming up on the 3rd Nov at TCI Southport with Dr. Nguyen. At my consult i opted for a more natural approach and I really like the look of 415cc High Profile in most pictures of their patients. My BWD is 12.5cm and I'm choosing from 415 HP or now 470 XHP. When I had one in each to see the difference, they were the same and I know t's only like a shot and a half of difference! But will they look completely different when they drop and fluff? And is it really better to go bigger? He said I can't go wider so no side boob because my torso is on the narrow side so I'm looking to project more and focus on amazing cleavage instead. I don't want to regret my decision and i'm so indecisive! Will XHP still look natural-ish? I will try on the sizers again just before surgery so I have a week to think and just try find someone with the same stats as me and same sizes. P.s my stats are 5''7 60 kg Small 32 B cup And my inspiration boobs are Arianny Celeste! Xx
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