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  1. I was told 8 weeks because the incision needs to be well healed
  2. Mine aren't hard at all. They are firm similar to when my milk came in after the kids were born but certainly not hard
  3. Dr Miroshnik is awesome. I paid about $12800.
  4. I started as a 10a mine are 420cc mod+ anatomical and I was a 10H at 12 weeks but have come down to a 10G
  5. If you take those pics to your surgeon they will be able to tell you what they need to use to get you to the size you want. In terms of how close your cleavage is will be determined by your body.
  6. Love mine! I bought the same size as I normally wear and it fitted well
  7. This is something that has been kinda annoying me since mine were done. Mine measure big because I have a mountain of side boob but when I look down they still look small because there is not a lot of projection. But that said when I look at other pics on here with similar size implants bit in HP or XPH I do prefer my shape. I think it depends on the look you want the HP and XHP seem to create more of a enhanced look where as mod and mod+ are more natural from what I have seen on here.
  8. If you jump on Dr M's website his before and after photos tell you pre op bra size and implant size. I spent hours and hours trying to work out what size I needed based on other peoples results and honestly I was not even close. If you trust your surgeon show him what you want to look like and let him work out what he needs to use to create that.
  9. Give it time! The best advise I got was from my nurse she said think of them as individual beings who will deal with surgery in their own way. Do not expect them to compare notes. I think I had a day or two around 5 weeks where mine looked like a pair but it wasn't until about the 10 week mark that they looked a proper pair. My left was always more swollen and more painful. As frustrating as it is there are so many changes that will happen in the first 12 weeks that you really can't judge anything at 4 weeks
  10. I dont think it was meant in a disrespectful way at all. She is the sort of person who would laugh if I was to do the same to her. She was my main support person all the way through and is like a sister to me, I certainly wasnt made feel uncomfortable just shocked because I wasn't expecting it.
  11. As anyone just had someone walk up and have a feel without warning? if so what did you do? There have been a few posts on here where girls have talked about people asking or trying to feel their boobs PO. I am a pretty private person and 99% of people wouldn't dare ask or try. Today out of the blue a friend walks up and give them both a squeeze no warning then says wholey ***** they feel awesome and carries on with the previous conversation we were having. I was torn between WTF are you doing and wow she said they feel awesome.
  12. I only have one tatt and everyone told me I was nuts for getting it as my first because if big and over my ribs. It goes straight up my side from my undies to my bra and over almost to my belly button and honestly the ribs were not as bad as everyone told me they would be. The really soft skin right at the bottom of my tummy was the worst. I think we all are so different when it comes to pain, hubby has a full sleeve and every told him the elbow would be the worst but he found the underside of his arm up near his armpit way worse then the elbow.
  13. I purposely didn't tell anyone I thought would have a negative attitude towards my decision. Once it was done those I wanted to know but thought wouldn't understand I sent a before and after photo (in swimmers) and they all responded the same way that without the pic they would have thought I was crazy but seeing the pic helped them understand my decision and they were happy for me
  14. Neither of my parents knew until after it was done. My hubby, daughter, youngest brother and 2 close friends knew. After they were done hubby blabbed to a few people which sort of pushed me to tell others. I've not made it public knowledge but not really hidden it either. If someone asked why I wasnt doing certain things, or why I was in hospital I tell them.
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