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  1. Studio W brand from David Jones are super nice and good price (~$35).
  2. I found out it's a lymph node which is common that they can pop up after surgery apparently. If it's still there in 2 months they will do an ultrasound to be sure.
  3. I've noticed a small lump has appeared on the edge of my implant on the side - half way between my armpit and the bottom. Is there internal stitching along the side boob with under the muscle implants? No pain or anything and I have a check up appointment in a couple of days so I'm not worried, just curious?
  4. accepted! I had a fantastic recovery. Very low pain and no complications. Everything is looking good and they are dropping nicely. The incisions are very neat too.
  5. I'm nearly 5 weeks post op with Dr R. Can highly recommend him! I got 460cc high profile, unders. Send me a FR if you like for the photos. ?
  6. 4 weeks post op today. I had a spray tan a week ago which is the patchiness on my boobs (feels so horrible to scrub my sensitive boobs ?).
  7. 100% worth it! The confidence and happiness I now feel is worth the money & recovery.
  8. I'm going to go to the optometrist to see about contact lenses. I need my glasses for computer work. The indent has gone away overnight thank goodness.
  9. I am coming up to three weeks post op and I have worn my glasses at work yesterday and today and I realised I have an indent across my bridge where it was fractured. I have called the surgeons office and asked whether its just the swelling which is indented and if it will go away and she said yes it will.. But I'm still worried I've ruined it! I'm not wearing them again. I'm so upset. I'm going to ice the area too.
  10. Hey sorry to hear about your past experiences. Did you revision surgeon talk to you about the expected outcomes regarding how straight it will be? In my case my septum was that deviated that it's never going to be perfectly straight, and my surgeon explained that my outcome would not be a perfectly straight nose.
  11. Hey What specific results do you want? You probably won't have much luck finding a surgeon who specialises in BA's for competitors. Maybe ask some bikini girls who's results you like who they went to? A surgeon will obviously take into account that you do a lot of training so may suggest you go over the muscle for instance. But not in every case. All it will come down to is what is going to be best for your case - not the fact that you do comps. Best to go with a reputable plastic surgeon who you feel can give you the results you want. Good luck!
  12. It should be nothing hopefully. Is it still hurting? I've been sleeping in my Lj seem less crop each night and compression bra throughout the day. His nurse also said to me that I can swap my compression bra for a wireless supportive bra for a bit of a break too.
  13. I think they are in proportion and suit your frame perfectly! Also try to remember you're looking at them without a bra on so they are going to look big. In a bra and clothes they arent going to seem as big.
  14. Okay so I'm making some progress with the saline spray. Left nostril is nearly clear. Right was the one that had reconstruction of the cartlidge so I'm still a bit hesitant to really get in there and clear it as I'm not sure what the dry blood is protecting right now!
  15. 1 week post op today! I bought this lovely soft cup wire free bra yesterday from David Jones in black & white. It is quite supportive which my nurse said I'm able to swap into something like this from my compression bra for a bit of a break. The brand is Studio W and they are $34.95.
  16. out of my whole recovery this has been the only bad experience of it all. Feeling fantastic in general. Thanks everyone!
  17. I'm just wondering what people found the easiest way to loosen all the dry blood that is caked on the insides of the nostrils? I was told warm water and even some Vaseline would help to start to get it out. I tried with some water soaked cotton tips but it was hard work and made me feel a bit faint so left it alone. But it's starting to drive me insane!
  18. Bandages are off! Wow Dr Richardson did an amazing job! When I came to him he really had his work cut out for him with a long list of cosmetic and reconstructive changes. He was very pleased to see the results yesterday. So happy with the results already - and that's even with it still being swollen, the bruising and numb. Still more changes to come which I'm excited to see it continue to transform and my face to settle back to normal around my nose (cheeks are puffy ?).
  19. It's really going to depend on how much 'work' you are having done on your nose and also a big factor in how long you need the bandages on for is how conservative your surgeon is. In my case I had extensive work done- straightened my septum which required breaking my nose, reducing the hump, lifting the tip and reconstruction of the cartlidge in the right nostril. Some surgeons will have you leave the splint and bandages on for 2 weeks. The minimum is 5 days. I was 5 days surprisingly. Honeslty the swelling and bruising is definitely evident but not hideous. I am the type of girl who would never leave the house without full makeup on previously however I went out to the shops straight after getting my bandages off - no makeup, bruising, swelling and all. I only felt like the shop assistants who were serving me directly had a bit of a look but no one else noticed or cared! People are kind trust me ? Worth it!
  20. Kimoji app is life. Kim crying face is better than my regular face.
  21. How is everyone going with the pain side of things? I took all my panadine fort in the first 3 days then took a Panadol for the third night to ease the tightness and funny sensations (my pain has been so low I thought it was best to ease off and just have a Panadol so I slept well). I had a shitty sleep that night and so woke up cranky & took an endone early yesterday morning. Big mistake! It took me until lunch time for the dizziness and nausea to go away. I left the pain killers alone all of yesterday and instead took 1 Celebrex last night which worked much better- didn't knock me around but eased the tightness and sensations enough for me to sleep through. Day 5 now and I woke up feeling awesome- no more painkillers during the day needed, I'll just take a Celebrex at night. Also my boobs have dropped again over night and my bloating is heaps better. My arms movements are also getting better. I caught myself doing the whole wake up and stretch overhead and it felt fine. My splint on my nose comes off today so I'm so excited ???
  22. If I'm dying to wash my face and hair after 5 days with my face bandages on I can only imagine how horrible that was for you. My skin is prone to breakouts if I don't wear makeup so it's looking pretty horrible right now.
  23. I'm going to have my first shower today I can't wait! I was only having a shallow bath to prevent my face bandages from getting wet.
  24. Have you also done your research on Brazilians? Most surgeons don't use them.
  25. I would try not to get the dressings or incisions wet. That seems like the general advice from most. And drying them with a hair dryer does not sound right to me. If you think about it it's like a wound you want to keep dry and cool so bacteria can't grow there and get infected.
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