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  1. Hi @lisba I had 295cc mod profile teardrop overs 3 weeks ago, I started with a very deflated C cup, and I'm still in my post op surgery bras of course so giving you an accurate cup size now is difficault. I'm guessing a c to d. That's what my surgeon said I would end up as he was just filling up the skin that was already there.. Good luck I know it's difficault to choose.
  2. Hi @Corky101 I think you have had a great result and I'm glad to read about more overs to see hopefully what my outcome could look like. Enjoy your new bod! You look great. ☺️
  3. Hi @Gold.KC my R one is by far the sorest at the side and the incision site has been relentless the swelling on this was a lot more too. Everything including stabbing pains are becoming less with each day. I just find by late arvo they are achy and burning, but it's not too bad. I am 12 days PO and looking forward to work in a way as I will be focused on something other then my BOOBS! ?
  4. I'm with you @Gold.KC living on minimal sleep ? I haven't had any day naps at all! Not for the want of trying either. I'm finding night sleeping is slowly improving though. Back to work tomorrow ?? Hope your sleeping improves and you heel beautifully.
  5. Hi @JessJN that's great advice about the cleanse thank you. I have been drinking a home made turmeric & Ginger milk everyday to help combat gut health and swelling it's delicious so that's not hard. ? I can't wait to feel remotely normal again, especially sleeping without waking every few hrs. I have looked at your photos they are amazing, so natural looking already you must be over the moon.
  6. Hi @Emi, My recovery has been up & down the lack of sleep is the worst part, I'm a pretty light sleeper at the best of times so sleeping propped up has been the pits! I still have a fair bit of swelling as I can only take Panadol so no nurofen to help with that. Still not cleared to drive either probably a good thing. I go back to work on Tuesday so have to chauffeured. How far along are you in your recovery? And how are you recuperating?
  7. Yes @Emi my bloating was awful too, I have no waist! I am 10 days PO and it is slowly going down.
  8. @Emi Great result you must be wrapped! Try movicol, that's what I used and had to drink heaps of water. Good luck.
  9. @HnH83, @Gold.KC & @Pamela2 best of luck for your recoveries - take it easy.
  10. @sparkles16 well done on your weight loss to date, and keep it up, walk walk & walk if that's all you can manage. Maybe try restricting having the wine on Friday & Saturday nights? Best of luck for September.
  11. Good luck @JessJN with the tape today ?
  12. Hi @Relbmik yes sternum and along the underneath of breasts and sides. To be expected I suppose.
  13. @JessJN glad to hear your recovery well and that the sleep is getting better, the lack of sleep is really getting to me, I manage a maximum of 2.5 hours in a row and feel miserable from it. Great advice about not overdoing it, it's hard to be so couped up but I have going for slow short walks to break things up. On What day did you drive again? It feels like I could never do normal things again at this point. Your swelling should continue to go down for sometime by all previous accounts, all the girls mention how much they continue to change, my swelling has been up & down the left a lot bigger at times then it settles. The right in incision causes me the most grief it pulls and burns. I go for my checkup on Tues arvo- looking forward to that. Good luck with Monday's incision unveiling. Hi @Josie S yep I did figured it would be last time and besides I looked shocking without one.
  14. @Relbmik All the best for today, I was petrified and got no sleep the night before, just try and stay positive and trust your surgeon, think of the end result. x @NotHappyJan good luck for today, ring your PS and ask if they suggest ice packs - mine doesn't ( they are all so different). If you are allowed to use them make sure they are as light as possible as you won't won't any weight on those new puppies.
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