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    BA, 250cc under muscle round, mod +
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    dr mark lee, 4/11/15
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    165cm, 53kg, 10A
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  1. I also bought this top! So good! Also find triangle bikinis good, the ones that are wetsuit material
  2. I get super bad hayfever! Sneezing sucked so much. All good now 5 wks later
  3. 27 no kids, hoping to have 1 or 2 around 30yrs sure to career demands/goals.
  4. 165cm, 53kg sz6-8, have 275cc round unders, filling a 10D bra 4 wks post op welcome to look at my pics
  5. My boyfriend pointed out that i have a few faint ones coming up!! I'm 4 wks PO on wednesday. I have them on both my boobs mainly around my nipples going out. I've out kelocote on them and once i run out I'll be sticking silocone sheeting to them. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good moisturizer that won't clog up my skin and will help ward off further ones?
  6. Thanks girls ❤ i feel much more reassured x
  7. Mines tighter too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. That's what my nurse said, i think im just obsessing :-/
  8. Hey guys, I'm 3 wks 2 days PO and wondering when righty is going to catch up to lefty! It's getting frustrating :( I'm starting to get paranoid about CC! My dr's nurse said there's nothing to be worried about, and I've been massaging it down but it just won't drop! Pic attached. Its the left one in the pic
  9. I'm a QLDer from Brissy/GC (but currently in Perth) and totally second these opinions re brisbanions vs GC peeps haha. Esp my fellow gen Ys!
  10. During the first week and a bit i felt so tight, i mistakenly thought i was having an asthma attack sometimes it was so tight. Take a deep breath into your tummy and it helps relax and relieve the anxiety
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one in this boat PrincessEm!
  12. My nurse said no bra is ok for a few hours if im going out... I'll be keeping that bad boy on allll week now though! Thanks for the reassurance though girls- i was worried I'd broken my boobs! Xx
  13. Whoops... i didn't really think about vasodilation etc with alcohol. I was 2.5wks post op saturday night and had way too many beers!didn't knock me around any different to how it would usually but i probably shouldn't have gone dancing! I haven't been on any meds since day 7
  14. Just wondering if anyone has experienced new tenderness a few weeks post op? I've been feeling great the last week, and then went out Saturday night. I didn't wear a bra and had a little bit of a dance. I accidentally got drunk too lol. Didn't feel sore at all on the night (ive been back at the gym and moving around a fair bit last week) but now I'm worried i might have hurt myself! Righty is sore under my arm pit and down the bottom and is stressing me out!
  15. My heavy pain meds stopped me from sleeping, i just felt mega stoned. Ask for valium to help you sleep.
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