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  1. im 15 days po and still have a small amount of bruising why is it taking so long to go away? also i have what feels like a tight pulling aching feeling just near my side boob down from my armpit just on one side it feels firm but i dont think its my implant but could it be? The feeling comes and goes?
  2. I will, I expect it to be very firm and uncomfortable, but this is agony for me, I think I need a bigger post op bra.... What can happen if I am unable to wear a post op bra?
  3. I am 10 days post op. I was fitted for my Po bra 5 days ago, but it was bunching up right under my inscision making it very painful ( I tried padding the area also) The nurse said to leave it off for a few more days and try again...I have it on now, but am in complete agony like it it just too tight it's making it difficult to breath and putting immense pressure on my sternum. I am unsure if I have been fitted incorrectly . I do realise they are a compression garment but is what I'm dealing with normal?
  4. I called annika today as the post op bra is too tight as it caused a weird indent in my insision so i just have to wear the soft crop for now. I feel alot better today and the indent has disappeared! as for being intimate my partner and i couldnt help ourselves so from day 5 we are back to somewhat normal just being careful!
  5. I got my post op bra yesterday. Im so uncomfortable like its sitting too tight on my insisions ive got pads over them but its still irritating them. Also i feel so tired all the time constantly having to have little nanna naps anyone else like me? I thought i was doing really well. Heat packs are awsome and my partner has been rubbing oil into my muscles which seems to loosen everythibg up better for when i lie down to go to bed.
  6. I was a 10a and am only 5 days Po have no idea what size I'll be... I got 390cc extra high range unders.. Was hoping for a d
  7. I would have to agree that my recovery has been very similar to Emi.
  8. Ok today i finally pooped! So stoked tummy bloat almost gone morning boob sux and i have been nauseous from the antibiotics last night. Very minimal swelling and bruising n i dont think they look like franken boob! ive been able to go for a couple extremely slow walks and made my gorgeous partner breakky today as he has the man flu oh no! And we both have just woken from a 2 hr nap. I live hearing how all you ladies are going! pics are 3 days post op
  9. I feel as though i am recovering extremely well. I still havent been in pain have only taken a couple panadene forte! I had bloating last night which was uncomfortable but has gone this morn!
  10. Of course! i was an a cup and hopefully should end up a D or DD i am feeling great! When i woke up i was in no pain jusy a tight pressure feeling. I did have an endone which mase me a little nauseous and wobbly walking to the car. Once home i felt so good. I took some panadene forte before bed i had a crap sleep as i drank so much water after the surgery and had to get up to pee alot my poor partner had to help me outta bed! Also was hard to sleep upright jusy couldnt get comfortable but not in pain. When i got up this morn i took some more panadene forte felt fine a bit achey in my back and arms i just used a wheat bag. I went for a short walk to loosen up a bit and have been icing my boobs whenever i am resting. So i still have minimal swelling and no pain just a couple bruises and an awkward pressure feeling in my chest. i dont think the lorna bra is doing much support more just a cover up i guess but i dont feel like my boobs need it at this stage there not too heavy. ive had a great experience so far but am wondering if day 3 and 4 will be a different story lol! this pic is from this morn oh the only thing that had bothered me last night was when i was peeing it didnt feel like i could empty all of my bladder so was constantly feeling like i needed to pee every 10 mins. But back to normal now. I havent pooped yet but my tummy has been makin noises all day so i recon ill be back to normal tomorow
  11. Love my new girls! Minimal pain had a crap sleep as i drank way too much water n had to get up n pee alot also wasnt comfortble sleepin upright have only been on panadene forte as endone makes me vomit
  12. I just had my surgery with him yesterday. He ia amazing i had 390cc xrh unders feeling pretty good so far! Lots of great reviews for him
  13. My surgery is in 4 hours! How did you feel when you woke up from the ga?
  14. My nerves are also kicking in, my surgery is on Thursday! Does anybody suffer from IBS on here? I'm worried it will kick in from the nerves before me surgery ?How did you calm yourselves down? Im getting 390cc EXtra High Range unders as my PS said they are narrower at the bottom and will fit better, the projection and width is only minimally bigger then HR but I'm worried they will sit out like super round fake look...
  15. How did your surgery go I am having same prob with dr r I have chosen 390 ehp and my surgery is Thursday...
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