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    Breast Augmentation, 500cc HP rounds, dual plane
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    Dr Mark Lee, 30 November 15
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  1. I don't think they are that much different pre op that they would require a different sized implant but bumping this in hope that someone can give you reassurance that they will even up in the next few months
  2. Dr Mark Lee was my surgeon and I would definitely recommend him
  3. I had my surgery with Mark Lee. I had 500cc hp round implants and have gone from a very deflated 12b/c to a 12e. I had assymetry so had fat taken from one breast so that he could use the same size implants in both sides. Very happy with my results
  4. love the hot pink bra! Where did you get it?
  5. Oh no! I had hope that after I changed bras it might calm down a bit sweaty boobs for life? Haha
  6. Yes!!! I wasn't sure if it was the post op bra that was causing more sweat? Or just the fact that they are bigger? Haha
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your friend x It's such a scary thing to think about isn't it. It's highly unlikely that you will develop cancer from them. I understand how you feel though as I also suffer from anxiety and freak myself out - alot! (over such little things) I'm sure you will be fine and if you still feel anxious have a chat to your PS for reassurance. I would say he will tell you the same thing
  8. Thanks for your comment! @Jaddles I'll definitley wait for my appointment ☺
  9. I had my surgery 5 weeks ago this Monday. At my 2nd post op appointment the nurse said she would leave the glue on my incisions a little longer and let it fall off naturally. She also gave me a brown tape to put on when the glue 'falls off'. The thing is, it isn't even looking like it wants to come off at all. Any ladies (or men) out there know if I should just leave it till my next appointment on the 21st of Jan and let the nurse take it off? 5 weeks seems a long time to have the glue still on after the surgery and I want to see my areola, not glue with dried up blood covering it ?
  10. I still have swelling at nearly 5 weeks PO and quite firm
  11. I miss sleeping on my belly and being able to sit comfortably while driving. I now have to hold my arms out when I'm holding the steering wheel as my side boob gets in the way ?
  12. Day 2 PO but had to move very slowly and still caused a little pain and discomfort for me.
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