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    MissC got a reaction from Hello1329474738 in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    They look great! Hope you don't mind me asking what size implant you got? Also was it just a straight forward BA?
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    MissC reacted to Heather86 in Uneven Boobies   
    Hi I was really worried that my boobs were different and was considering revision but In the last month (4 months PO now) they have evened up nicely and still changing. 
    I had booked an appointment with my surgeon and we discussed it( had to wear a nice tight sports top for another 2 months) Iv to go back this month so he can examine them and see how the progress is doing. 
    Speak to your surgeon but there is hope of it evening up. 
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    MissC reacted to Minnie Mouse in Uneven Boobies   
    It's not uncommon for them to drop at different times however at three months PO I would be letting your surgeon know and getting his/ her advice . Keep us updated as to how you go . Aside from that they look like a good size for you ?
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    MissC reacted to Mama_Milks in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    Slow going for me; 1 week post op/12 weeks post op 
    Still love them ?

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    MissC reacted to LisiR in Boob selfie!   
    2 months now. Loving the shape as they d&f ?

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    MissC got a reaction from JustRight4Me in Which surgeon in Perth?   
    I paid just under $12,000
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    MissC reacted to JustRight4Me in Which surgeon in Perth?   
    I think he's in the mid to high range for Perth? All up it's just under 12K for me. I've heard other surgeons charging more and some charging less.
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    MissC got a reaction from JustRight4Me in Which surgeon in Perth?   
    Dr Mark Lee was my surgeon and I would definitely recommend him
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    MissC got a reaction from JustRight4Me in Recommendations of breast surgeons in Perth please!   
    I had my surgery with Mark Lee. I had 500cc hp round implants and have gone from a very deflated 12b/c to a 12e. I had assymetry so had fat taken from one breast so that he could use the same size implants in both sides. Very happy with my results
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    MissC reacted to Minnie Mouse in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    I haven't taken any progress pics for a while but here's my D n F progress last pic is 5 months . I was measured at 6 weeks 10 F and have remained the same size . I think the shape just keeps getting better and better . 

    I think this one was at 6 months . 

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    MissC reacted to Time4me in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    Post op 1 day & 7 wks

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    MissC reacted to GlitterGal in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    Patience is the key to surviving your over thinking and analysing mind after a breast op. I went through soooo many stages of loving and hating my boobs. And now after 9 months you can see how much they changed from day 1. Stay positive and give it a year I say! Good luck xx

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    MissC reacted to jemma090 in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    Ok so this was day 3 ?
    and the next is 5 weeks ?

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    MissC reacted to Colleena in Boob selfie!   
    its from bras and things. Its my fave!
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    MissC reacted to karajd88 in What are your thoughts on this...   
    Hahaha reminds me of being in Bali saw many ladies looking like that. The boobs don't bother me- it's there poor skin screaming for some sunscreen ???
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    MissC reacted to Big Booty Judy in This article makes me angry   
    Ok ok I know it's not "news" and it is just an opinion piece, but today I read this article on ninemsn and it has made me very angry.  I can't vent anywhere else as I haven't shared my boob news widely yet, and I can't comment on the article because that function isn't enabled, so I'm sorry but I'm venting here!
    There is just so much wrong with this article.  To say that a woman can't have a BA for herself, but is doing it for someone else, is just bullshit.  And to encourage the husband to talk her out of it is unfair.  What it should say is that a BA is a personal decision, and while perhaps the husband should reassure the wife that he loves her boobs the way she is, if she chooses a BA, he should support and respect her decision.  And to insinuate a BA will be the beginning of a life of PS?!   Grrrr.  I am angry because if there are women out there that are considering a BA and read this stupid article, they may be discouraged not to go ahead with it, even though deep down it's something they really want to do.
    Sorry. I'm angry because I had my BA for myself.  Not for anyone else.  Not to impress anyone else.  Not because my husband didn't love my pre-BA boobs.  Just for me. 
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    MissC reacted to Colleena in Boob selfie!   
    An assortment of boob selfies, because it is addictive!! Ranging form 1 day to 14 days PO

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    MissC reacted to AlanaJ in boob sweat after ba   
    Lol! You girls are funny! Of course you are going to sweat more between your boobs now...you have less air circulation in that area! The air can't get in there as easily to dry the sweat & having boobs close together will also cause your body to heat up more there. If that makes sense. ? 
    I hope that doesn't sound patronising, it's not intended that way. 
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    MissC reacted to Emmy2015 in Finding a lump in the breast before breast augmentation!   
    Update: got results from my biopsy today. I have a fibroadenoma. Totally benign. I'm very happy and now I can truly let myself get excited about my BA in 2 weeks!! 
    Ps: I do realise I'm one of the lucky ones and while i get excited, my thoughts are also with anyone who is unfortunate enough to be fighting breast cancer or to those who have lost someone to breast cancer. xxx
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    MissC reacted to Natlovesherboobs in Boob selfie!   
    5 months post op

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    MissC reacted to Nooby in Boob selfie!   
    Love this post! You girls all look amazing !!!!!! Bit of motivation to lose the xmas weight too! Looking very toned ladies!
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    MissC reacted to Hayles_1 in Boob selfie!   
    Getting there.

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    MissC reacted to love and glitter xo in Boob selfie!   
    Sparkle boobieessss

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    MissC reacted to Natlovesherboobs in Feeling blah after going to buy a bikini!!!   
    It takes time...
    6 weeks in the black vs 5 months in the pink..

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    MissC reacted to RH4K in boob sweat after ba   
    I'm 7 months post op and boob sweat remains a problem ???
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