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  1. That does cross my mind when you say 500 but given your height etc they do not sound so enourmous as originally thought. Most ladies on here seem to have an average size of 350ish so I guess 500 seems huge in comparison. I'm sure they look just right for your body and don't worry yourself with others comments, you have what is right for you!
  2. Wow 8FF Lozz! I knew you would be much bigger than you were expecting with your size implant and pre op cup size!
  3. I went in to B'nT the other day too and had a fitting (well one lady came in and said yes that was a good fit when I had it on). I bought some complete comfort bras in a 12 DD . I didn't really have much swelling at all and seem to be the same band wise no problem. I can see there is still a bit of room if mine get any bigger so should be fine with the ones I bought. If you are finding the band too tight you can always can some bra extender hooks, them when swelling goes down there you can take them off and just use the bra hooks.
  4. For me personally and I have heard some others also say the same, day 5 post op tends to be when you start feeling much better. Anything before that I think would be too hard and I would say you really need 1 week to recover before being able to look after your baby on your own. Are you able to have help for a week?
  5. I would think you need at the very least 2 weeks. My youngest is 2 and is between nappies and toilet training, I still found it hard to change his nappy 3 weeks post op. I didn't know you could have a BA so soon after having a baby with all the breast changes and chemicals within the body still happening. I have heard that most surgeons don't like to operate for a minimum of 6 months but usually 12 months after breast feeding stops or baby was born if not breast feeding at all.
  6. Tuberous breast are partly indentified by their 'snoopy' appearance, they are tubular in appearance and therefore have a very definant crease (where breast sticks out from your chest). I only have a dent post op which is where my old breast crease was. Surgeons have to release the old constricted tissue from the old crease and create a new one lower down as tuberous breasts have a very small nipple to crease ratio. Your nipple has to align with the middle of the implant and creases have to be lowered to accommodate this if there is not already the right amount if breast tissue/ distance. I also had some of my existing very centered breast tissue cut off and placed lower down so the implants have breast tissue covering all of them. If I didn't then the lower part of my breasts with their new crease wouldn't be under any tissue. If your not squeamish, look up tuberous breast surgery on you tube and you can see what needs to be done
  7. I saw Dr Padadopoulos at cosmetic culture in Sydney. He doesn't specialist in tuberous but I was very happy with him. I still have a dent where my old crease was but it should go away in time, it has already improved a lot in the last few weeks. I had very constricted tissue around my old crease and had a new one made which is about an inch lower than the old one. I find that people are recommended very different things with each surgeon they see for a consult so you might find the next one does not think you need a lift
  8. I didn't require a lift but mine were a lot worse than other girls on here who have had mildly tuberous breasts. Some pics I have seen I would never be able to tell they had been tuberous at all. I think if I had larger breasts I would have required a lift too but as they were so small not to even fit in an A cup bra that kind of worked in my favour somehow. I have heard Dr T does a lot of work with tuberous breasts. Good luck with choosing the right surgeon for you and your op!
  9. So sorry to hear daisy_resha They really don't give you enough info about meds mixing and contraceptive pills not being as effective in conjunction with other prescriptions. I know all about the all day sickness, I was extremely ill throughout both my pregnancies. I lost 10-12 kgs in the first 3 months with each child. My thoughts are with you during this emotional time x
  10. This is my main concern with this type of surgery. The rib cage is designed to protect internal organs. Are you considering it for medical or cosmetic reasons? If cosmetic, it is easy to get waist training corsets. You don't have to go the extreme and get a ridiculously tiny waist, you can use then to bring the ribs in just a bit and not way too much. I have several proper steel boned corsets, no waist training ones though. My rib cage does stick out a lot and before my BA, when lying down it stuck out more than my boobs!
  11. I have only had my incisions uncovered once at my 2 week check up and mine had all dissolved by then. If you have one sticking out you need to go to your PS or GP and have it trimmed. They only dissolve when they are in the skin, any left poking out wont dissolve and needs to be snipped off.
  12. Great to hear it all went so well Minimel! I hope you continue to have a good recovery
  13. I have only heard rumors about various celebs having it done but don't actually know anyone who has had the surgery. Can't say I have heard of that one bec, sully, umm interesting and strange! Let us know if you do get it or not, it isn't something you really hear anything about.
  14. Yes I had that too. I asked my PS about it at my 1day post op appointment, he said it was totally normal and would go away soon. By my 1 week post op ap, it had stopped, I think just around day 5 it had subsided.
  15. Congrats JASA61! I hope you have a good recovery I think you will end up a lot bigger that a D though with your 350cc implants starting from a C! I was an A/AA, had 385cc and now measuring a D/DD
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