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  1. I ended up getting a rash from my post op bras, something in the material. I was advised to just wear soft cup wirefree for the rest of the time. Mind you I was POW3 at this time, but had the rash from about week 1. It got painful so I that's when I rang my surgeon.
  2. I have a wide gap and did to start with, I'm only 5 weeks post op but this is me today
  3. Emilyy

    June 2016 girls!

    For those of you not on Instagram, I'm 5weeks post op! everything coming along well, I hope the same for all you ladies! These were both taken today! ?
  4. Emilyy

    June 2016 girls!

    Goodluck lovely!! x
  5. Hey ladies, Im just curious if anyone has/had wide set breasts but ended up coming closer the more post op you are? I'm POW2 and have 3/4 finger gap in between, just wondering if that will get closer when they drop and fluff? also if massaging them inwards/pushing them in together will help? Thank you in advance!! x
  6. Emilyy

    June 2016 girls!

    goodluck to all the ladies left to have surgeries! wishing you a speedy recovery xx I've been admitted into hospital with suspected appendicitis ? I'm so sick of hospitals and not feeling well!!
  7. Yeah Dr Richardson is my surgeon ? @tiger91 is having fluid in there bad? what does the sock roll do?
  8. Im just stressing and being irrational! what I do best lol. I have Arnica but they are lactose based tablets and I'm lactose intolerant ? I'll go have a look at my local health food store for something different tomorrow. Thank you for your advice ?
  9. I can't be bothered covering the nipples but the first photos are from looking down from above one in my post op bra and one out and the other are just different lights/angles. the way I'm taking the photo does make one bigger than the other also.
  10. Hey everyone, Im 10DPO and all of a sudden I'm experiencing pain in my sternum. When I sneeze it's extremely painful! My sternum is swollen and full of fluid, like I can move it all around and it's freaking me out. I feel like the skin is lifted I'm scared I'm going to get symastia. I'm freaking out whats going on and I live 3 hours away from my surgeons office so it's hard to just drive up to have a 5 minute check up. Really unsure what's going on and what to do. I will add a photo to this thread when I shower later.
  11. Emilyy

    June 2016 girls!

    holy cow! it's shocking what some medication can do to you.. ? hope you're okay x
  12. Emilyy

    June 2016 girls!

    A lady on Instagram only got 275cc and went from an A or B to a 10D so I really wouldn't stress @MermaidUnicorn x I was 1WPO yesterday and feeling content so far ?
  13. only a week ago haha and just straight forward BA ? @brisgirl81
  14. Maybe I just slouch way too much ?? I'll try standing and sitting straighter tomorrow, but I think I might have to buy a different brand aswell @brisgirl81
  15. @brisgirl81 does your post op bra from Dr R cut into your underarm? or near your underarm?? it's so uncomfortable ? and leaves red almost purple marks that hurt
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