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  1. Have a look at my uneven boobies post Lola Jane x
  2. Well, i had a very different experience thats for sure!! Between Nov and now I have already had a revision But they are all good now and getting better every day <3
  3. Hi Girls! So yesterday (Friday) was one week post op! This time last week (1 day post op) i was in tears and having an absolute meltdown. Absolute Frankenboob - I thought I would never write on this forum or share photos again. It was awful, tucked up and had a dimple on the side (not a cute one). I felt like I should have just kept my uneven boobies because that looked much better. But now 1 week later I am so happy with them. I guess I expected them to be 'fixed' straight after my op which is never the case but I was just in such shock when I looked at them last Saturday. The surgeon and all the girls were great and very supportive on the phone during my meltdown and at my 1 week visit. I had my waterproof strip off yesterday and the incision is looking good. Still lots of improvement to come and I still need to wear my post op bra for another 2 weeks but otherwise, it was a success. THANK GOD!! can't wait to get out of this fricken bra and be able to wear whatever I want with my nice new EVEN boobies Thanks for all of your messages, was so good to be able to talk to people and hear all your knowledge and similar experiences. Don't think I need to point out which photo is 1 day post op and which is 8 days post op
  4. Nadine definitely has crossed my mind! Also had a fall in the first few weeks Good news though! My Surgeon is doing my revision for FREE!! No idea why, i didn't complain or anything, they have just decided to do it. So amazing, makes me so excited to get a result I am satisfied with. My surgery is next Friday, wish me luck
  5. It's both. Can be caused by surgeon creating too big of a pocket, can happen naturally though too. Will never know!
  6. It's not painful at the moment at all. Not sure about the surgery. He said recovery is much quicker with the revision. I'm just being charged for anaesthetist and surgical fees but not for the surgeon. Still devastating though I'm scared the surgeon did something to cause this and am now going under the knife with him again. What if it's then too high...when I had my six week the nurse told me the right one wasn't dropping quick enough so to massage and try to push the implant down which I've been doing heaps. Now I'm worried that after the revision the left one is going to be too high for the left and will be hard to catch up. Plus won't the scars be worse because he's going in again. Ugh why meeeee haha He said I can do it whenever I want but I think sooner rather than later so they aren't playing catch up as much. Just gotta get in more debt first to do so
  7. Had my appt with the surgeon today. My left breast has 'bottomed out' apparently. No ***** Doc Another surgery, $2000 and 3 days recovery is the fix. Absolutely Devastated!
  8. Thanks ladies, I'm waiting for a reply to email & pics. will keep you posted.
  9. Hey Girls, I am almost 3 months post op so still early days but I am noticing more and more how uneven they are sitting and sized. Going back through old photos i have realised they weren't sitting even Pre Op but now that I've had my surgery it is much more noticeable. I think I should have been given a bigger implant in my right breast? I know they still have some dropping to do and I've been massaging the right one twice as much to assist this but it's not working. Advice please? Can I fix somehow or should i be going back to my surgeon or just wait it out hoping that the right one drops and sits as round as the left. PS I had 365CC HP Unders
  10. Bugger. I will try get into the docs tomorrow, thanks ladies
  11. So today sucked. First thing this morning I tripped up the stairs at the train station trying to rush for the train. I dropped all my stuff grazed my right knee on the stair and kneed my left breast with my left knee. Hurt for about 5 mins and then was ok... Thought maybe I didn't hit it too hard but just jolted them. Then this arvo I had to pick up a delivery for work from Toll and they wouldn't help me load the boxes into the car so I had to do it. Felt like I was doing a deadlift and pulled in the middle of my chest. Got home had a shower and my left incision was burning. Iced it for 20 and now my left breast feels tight and maybe swollen. Has anyone knocked or hurt their new boobs early on? Don't know if I should get it checked out. I'm day 11
  12. I am 175cm. Yea 3-4 is going to be the hard ones I think. I'm day 3 today and I can feel the incision in my left breast, also feeling a bit tighter and heavier. So funny, i look like I have two completely different sized breasts today its hilarious. Feeling good though. Still haven't touched endone and only had 1 panadeine forte before bed and 1 in the middle of the night (except i thought it was 12am when I had one last night, turns out it was 5am and I'm zonked today lol)
  13. sounds exactly like my day! Ive heard day 2 is the worst but I've been fine - who knows! Everyone is different Mine look like two big cone heads haha I got 365 and was a B cup pre op.
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