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  1. Thanks for your reply moon child 😊 im booked in at the bangkok hospital phuket with Dr piyapas. I've done the same with my accommodation and flights. What size were you before, how was your recovery and did you show your doctor photos of what you want? Xxx
  2. They have told me that it could be from 115 baht to 170, finalising on the so just wanted to see if someone had a price of theres
  3. Hi ladies I am booked in for a BA in may with Dr piyapas. Super excited. Just wanted to know if anyone has a rough idea of pricing. I'm waring to go around 295cc with tear drop under crease? Xx
  4. Thanks everyone. I will check it out.. and jdm let me know how you go 😊
  5. Hi everyone. I am heading to phuket in march for a breast augmentation procedure and wanting to know what travel insurance is needed and if anyone knows of a good reason al priced company
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