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    BA. 390cc anatomics
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    Dr Miroshnik, 15th April 2016
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    168cm, 67kg, 12A

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  1. @Gold.KC my bruising went away within the first week- the arnica cream worked wonders! Good luck for everyone tomorrow- the day is almost here!! My thoughts will be with you all ??
  2. Good luck @Relbmik hope you have an easy recovery & get waited on by your hubby ? @JessJN my nips are the same.. They were never before hand & hoping this goes away soon!
  3. Good luck @HappyGuppy hope it all goes smoothly for you ?? & have a speedy recovery @KittenLover hope you are recovering from your mystery fever thing. Had an up & down day today. Was sick this morning. The nurse at Dr Miroshnik's office was so lovely to me.. Living on plain Saos & red frogs since! Heading home tomorrow, so can't wait to sleep in my own bed. A couple of pics of my bruising- do bruise like a peach normally too. Has anyone else bruised like this? The arnica cream is working wonders though. Hope everyone else is feeling ok ?
  4. Thanks @Gold.KC & @KittenLover ? Hoping for a speeding recovery too! Just glad it's finally done- the wait was killing me! Lol. I think he went the larger size to fit my frame. I'm normally a size 12 in dresses & have quite a broad chest. He explained that with the larger size, it would balance me out & accentuate my waist & I would have more side boob to create a good curve instead of choosing a smaller one & being straight up & down. I have confidence in his judgement- I went into it with no preconceived ideas on sizes & just told him the look I wanted & feelt he knew what to do to make this happen. @Gold.KC you will be in great hands ?
  5. Hey ladies- done & dusted!! Surgery went well this morning, feeling tight & a little sore. No nausea as yet which I'm very happy about. Tried on sizers 330 & 375 yest in my consult & thought they looked huge!!! (Understandable seeing as Dr M said I only had 20-50ccs to start with) he was leaning towards the larger size & explained to me why very well so it made sense. Happily left it to him & ended up going with 390cc. Everyone at east syd private were lovely & so nice to me ?
  6. Good luck @Kate82 hope all goes smoothly for you tomorrow ??
  7. It's great to hear all you lovely ladies are going well... Makes me slightly less nervous about my surgery on Friday ? @Summer you already look fantastic- there is nothing better than nice brown skin with a simple white bikini ?? where did you get it from?
  8. Thanks for that @Wishlist Good luck for the 28th!! It's coming around very quickly now!! Sounds like you have done your research & picked a good surgeon too. I just want to be done & dusted- the wait is killing me!!
  9. Hi @Wishlist just read your post & feel like I'm pretty similar to you... Well apart form the husband & surgeon! Am looking forward to hearing the rest of your journey ? Getting my new assets on the 15th April in Syd ??
  10. Hi Kate82- you are not alone!! I'm not petite either (168cm, 67kg, 12a) & am also struggling trying to find sizes that would suit me too. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one! Would be great to see some pics of girls who are around our weight ? I am pretty confident that my surgeon will choose the right size for me when I tell him the look I'm after, so am trying not to worry too much
  11. 15th April Dr Miroshnik ? so nervous & excited!
  12. Thanks ladies for your stories- makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one having these feelings & in the same type of situation. It's easy to say not to worry about the people gossiping, but I guess it's something we have to accept & will inevitably happen. Good to hear that with time you feel more comfortable talking to people about it Minnie Mouse ? hope it's the same for me! Phone consult tomorrow so fingers crossed all goes well!
  13. Long time stalker & first time poster here... Great to hear everyone's thoughts on this topic and the support system between everyone! This is one of the main reasons I'm afraid to go ahead with the procedure. I've always dreamt of having some nice boobs and now I have the opportunity to finally make this happen, I'm afraid of what people will say- both behind my back & to my face. I live in a small town know it will be the topic of conversation for the gossips! Tell one person- you know they'll tell 20 others!! Am the only girl in the office with 4 blokes in a male dominated industry & would need to tell them as I would not be able to lift any heavy items after the surgery (they are gentleman & always offer to do this for me anyway ☺️). I feel that there is still such a stigma with getting a breast enlargement (or fake tits as they would kown as around here!!) & would be judged. I believe getting this done would not be as accepted as say in larger cities. Am not one to wear revealing clothing, just want to feel better within my own skin. Have told a few close friends, who are mostly supportive & my mother who doesn't understand why I would want to to this to my body. Im a single 28 year old living my own life wanting to have a decent handful of boob not a 12A for the rest of my life!! Am listing to my bestie when she says that I need to focus on how this will make ME feel & no one else. If I don't go ahead I will regret it ??
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