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    Breast augumentation
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    Dr Steven Liew 31st May 2016
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  1. @Mumof2girls thank you so much , very reassuring ? @KL1992 thanks for answering X how was the first week recovery ? Did you have drains ? My surgeon said I may have them this time . Also did you feel any symptoms after the implant rotated ? I feel very big discomfort at the moment , I wonder if it is common to feel this ? Happy quick recovery !!
  2. Hi ladies . I am 5 month post op and getting a revision in 15 days due to one of my teardrop implant that has rotated . ? I love the tear drop shape but it's too risky for me to replace them because of the high chance of rotation in the future . So I have decided to get rounds. I was wondering if any of you replaced teardrop for rounds ? Were you happy with the result ? I'm very skinny and I love the natural look. I hope the round could still look natural?? Very worried at the moment ? ( I m A cup ) thank you in advance !! Xxx
  3. Oh thank you ☺️☺️☺️ I'm 1.62 cm , 47 kg and I got 255 cc anatomical ,I could not be happier with size /shape ? you need to make sure you have great surgeon specialised in natural look . Have you book your consult alteady ? Xx
  4. Girls this is me 12 days post op .. So worth it !! Would do everything over and over again ❤️
  5. @Muffin87 sorry I just saw it now !! Do you have a instagram ba account ? I have my pic over there if you want to see some photos I'm only 7 days post op though but I highly recommend dr liew ☺️
  6. @Muffin87 Hi , yes I m 7 days post op with Dr Steven Liew, he is amazing ! Great eyes for details and very honest .If you are after a natural look then you are choosing the right surgeon . have you booked an appointment already? @Rox90 That's good to hear ? even mine is getting better . Sometimes it takes few weeks to completely go away. Xx
  7. @Rox90 Just saw my surgeon , he said it s all good and it is normal this feeling , it will go away with time x it is not the implant moving but some air trapped inside still. Xx let me know how you go X
  8. I had same fear and doubts before like you. Now, from my experience (I am 7 days post op) I wouldnt worry anymore if I knew it is not that scary at all. You won't expect it but once you get there and you meet your surgeon and his team ( they are always super nice and they let you feel so comfortable) all your fear will magically go away !! I promise ! Do not be scared , if I would go back and do it again I won't be xxx Go ahead and no fear ! ? Goodluck Xxx
  9. @Rox90 I'm going to see my plastic surgeon tomorrow , I will let you know how i go Xxx Thank you so much @Minnie Mouse
  10. @Rox90 Yeah I feel like my right one is perfect and was completely stuck since day one but left implant keeps moving under the muscle .. I'm right handed though which makes me more worried . Very uncomfortable ! ? have you talked to your surgeon about it ?
  11. @Minnie Mouse thank you X makes me feel better!! When did that feeling went away for you? Also do you have anatomical ?
  12. Hi Ladies , I m very sad at the moment .6 days ago I got anatomical implants . I don't have any pain but sometimes I am feeling my left implant moving under the muscle ( I got dual plane)and it feels uncomfortable with certain minimal movement . I'm very concerned as my left implant didn't feel this way. Did this happen to any of you during your early days post op ? I am very worried I would appreciate your opinion ;( Thank you in advance !
  13. @Hazelnut I think pain around incisions is normal , it should be on and off and not continuous . Try not to make any hard movement for a while . I'm sure pain will go ! How long did you have to take antibiotic for? X
  14. Best choice of my life !!! I am 3 days post op and had no pain at all since day one ( I already stopped taking pain killers) and verry happy with the size ? even though many consider 255 as a small implants it is big enough on me , very happy !
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