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    Tear drop Furry Brazilian, 315cc, high profile, over the muscle, lower crease incision
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    Dr George Mayson, 6 Aug 2012
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    152cm/ 49kg/ 10A pre op tuberous

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  1. Hey everyone! Haven't been on for a while, but thought i would post an update for those of you that know my story! I went for my 3 month check up with Dr Mayson last week, and it went so well! For some reason he was surprised with how well i was doing lol He told me that he thought i would have to come back in 6 months to see him again, and that i would be taking my post op photos then, but after seeing me he got the camera out and told me that i wouldn't have to go back again. After feeling around he said that my implants had softened so much that it would seem i was 9-12months post op! I'd been a little hesitant to touch them firmly, but he was squeezing them and pushing them around with no problems and he said that i could do everything normally now! (my partner was too excited to hear about this too *rolls eyes*) I've been wearing under wire bras and also padded bras a couple of times (which looks amazing!) my every day bras are the BnT complete comfort bras and i wear them without underwire. I've got every colour, i just love them! I just couldn't be happier with my experience! I'm hoping Dr Mayson puts my pre and post op pics on his website, and if he does i'll post a link.. I would seriously recommend Dr Mayson for anyone in the Sydney area, i think he travels to Brisbane too! And to top it off! Before my wedding next year he and one of his receptionists Meg have offered to give me a free facial! I can't wait! Hahaha okay i'll stop raving about him now, because people will probably start thinking this is some kind of spam post lol but I'm just so happy!
  2. I wish I took it to surgery with me!! My partner told me it should have been the first bra I bought, but because the booklet said berlei y149w, I got that in a 10c, it ended up being too small and uncomfortable, and I don't think it was that supportive either.. The day after my op i got a berlei post surgery bra, and although it was comfortable, it really isn't very attractive and it made my boobs look weird in shirts, so after a week I got the complete comfort bra and dr mayson said it was a good bra, so I should have just got it from the beginning... I've been wearing it every day since, I've got all the colours, and it looks like a normal bra!! I just love it!
  3. Oh and if I were you, I would get a DD... I got 315cc and started with an A cup and ended up a 12D, it sprobably better to go bigger than smaller, but if you do get the wrong size you can always return it...
  4. You're going with dr mayson right? I was told to get that bra too, but after searching for ages I was told it doesn't come in any size bigger than a C. Well, that's what the store lady at myer told me... I think I may have looked online too to find it, and nothing. My first post op appointment to get the sutures out, I was wearing a BnT complete comfort bra and he said that was fine the underwire in it is removable and when you can finally wear underwire, you can put it back in. Hope that helps
  5. Hey jmr, sorry i can't help you with your question as i've never heard of him, but i'm just wondering, is that the surgeon near centro nepean? And do you mind if i ask how much he's charging?
  6. I would just like to say, from the bottom of my heart, how much i appreciate all of your kind words and support. It truely means SO MUCH to me! I've been trying to take sneaky looks at this thread while at work today, but i didn't get to read very much... after sitting here tonight and going through everything each one of you has said i feel so much better about myself. I now feel reassured that it wasn't a mistake, i shouldnt feel guilty for doing something for myself! I had a very very long talk with my partner tonight, explained exactly what i was feeling, even quoted some of you (and pretended i made it up myself lol) I told him that i shouldn't be made to feel guilty and that i can wear whatever i wan't and shouldn't have to get his permission to do so. He admitted he was totally out of line and shouldn't have been mad at me for taking a photo of myself. I told him that even though he changed when he got that confidence boost, that i will not do the same thing and no matter how much attention i get, he is the one for me. He told me that he's scared, and i guess i understand, if roles we're reversed and i had done that to him earlier in our relationship, i would worry that he would to it to me too (did that make sense? :/) I think that i do need to be considerate of the way he feels while he's adjusting to the change, but at the same time, i'm not going to let him control me, he needs to learn that i'm with him, and no matter how i dress, or how much attention i get, that i'm not leaving. I guess this will take time but i'm sure he'll come around! Also, to add to his stress at the moment we were planning our wedding for next year, but today ended up having to cancel it. He has been waiting to get into the army and we were hoping he would be in by january, but he won't be. Not that it's any excuse to get mad at me, but i feel bad that it blew into such a big thing, on top of what we were already going through with the wedding and army. For the moment things are better between us. He assures me that he still thinks i'm the most beautiful person in the world, even with the big change, so i'm trying to believe him and not to worry about it too much. I should be/ i am happy that i got it done. I think i look great, i'm finally happy to look in the mirror, so why should i feel guilty? Thank you again for making me feel so supported while i was upset. It is amazing how a group of people that don't even know me can care so much. Next time i give you all an update, i hope it's better news! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
  7. So last night i got into the biggest fight with my fiance. I'm feeling really ugly at the moment. I took a photo of myself, and uploaded it onto facebook, i thought i looked really good. It was a close up of my face, and i had the tiniest bit of cleavage that i wasn't even paying attention too. I expected my partner to say something positive about the way i look but instead made me feel like a slut for putting up a photo "just to show off my boobs". I told him how upset i was that he made me feel that way and that i was upset because i started thinking that he hated my body and hated the way i look now. His response was: "i loved the way you were and i love you way you are now. But i dont think you gave a **** about how i felt about you getting a boob job (he was against it at first, but then said he would support my decision) I didn't want you to get extra attention, you knew it would put a strain on our relationship and you did it anyway, and it's permenant." the thing is, i did think about how he felt, but i had tuberous breasts, i hated the way i looked, i couldnt look at my body in the mirror, i hated being naked in front of him. But he says he hates his body too, he was once on steroids and because of the attention he got and the confidence boost, he broke up with me to be with other people. We got back together because he realised it was the steroids that made him act that way and he said for me, he would never do it again, even though he hates the way he looks now, he wouldnt jeopardize our relationship just to have the body he wants. so i guess i'm just wondering, was a boob job worth it? is it selfish that i did it knowing that he wasn't thrilled with it? If he didnt say he would support me i don't think i would have gone through with it. I feel like no matter how i look, one of us will be unhappy, but like he said, its premenant and i can't change it. So what do i do? Do i wear clothes that cover up my boobs to make him happy? When i didn't have boobs i always wore push up bras to show cleavage, but now that i have boobs i can't? i'm trying to compromise (i think), i'm not wearing low cut shirts that show off my boobs. I'm wearing the same clothes i had before, they just look a whole lot better (in my opinion) but that's not good enough for him. The clothes i have make him angry. So do i buy new clothes to cover up more? It's just so frustrating!!!!!! At the moment i'm feeling like this was the biggest mistake, i don't want to argue with him. I don't want him to be unhappy. We were so happy before... now all we do is fight about my boobs, but at the same time, i absolutely love my boobs, i love the way i look, but when i think about the way he might see me i feel ugly. Advice from both men and women would be amazing and greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  8. I had an online consult with a Dr from Thailand, he said I needed a lift. Then I ended up going with a surgeon in Aus and he said just having implants was fine. So I just had the implants and my surgery turned out really well... It could just be the opinion of your Dr, another surgeon might think differently about your situation, if your unhappy getting a lift, try a second opinion, just to make sure its necessary. If you go to a few consults and all Drs say the same thing, I would do te lift, if you don't it may cause that 'ball in sock' look :/ Hope that helps Good luck!
  9. Thanks, yes, definitely enjoying them i'm 47kg and 152cm, and i got 315cc Hp. I'm wearing a 10D bra at the moment. If that's what your PS suggested then i'm sure it's the right size for you! Good luck tomorrow, hope it all goes well! I hope to be reading about it soon!
  10. Just keep talking to him, i'm sure he'll come around. Just assure him that it's for you and not for anyone else! At first he would just get angry at me as soon as i mentioned it, even threatened to break up with me in the early days :/ when i'd booked my consultation and he knew how serious i was about it, he actually started listening to me when i talked about it. I had a mild case tuberous breasts, which is a deformity, and i guess he could tell how upset it made me. Getting a BA was more about fixing shape than size. And like you, i didn't believe him when he said he thought they were great already. His main concern was me going too big and having people constantly staring at my boobs! He looked after me and was so helpful when i needed him after surgery and we talk about it openly now, but size is still an issue and he hates it when i upload fb photos showing cleavage. So i guess he's still adjusting! If he's changing the topic on you all the time, i guess you should just tell him that it would mean a lot to you to have a proper discussion about it, if your seriously considering it. Hope he comes around! Did that make any sense? I think i'm tired! lol Accepted your FR too
  11. Definitely! I was out the next day shopping, I over did it a bit and felt it that night, but by day 4 you should be fine!!!
  12. i got Brazilians and i think that my scar would be about 7cm... that seems really long compared to other ladies! :/ the ones you got sounds like they would be good. i think my dressings were a tiny bit too small because it irritated my scar constantly! if you do find that they are too small and it irritates, you should change them asap.. I regret not changing mine sooner than i did. it ended up irritating my skin so much that it caused a bit of a rash because i was scratching and rubbing it so much... after changing the dressings i felt so much better. Good luck with your surgery! The worst part is waiting for it to happen lol hope time goes quickly for you!
  13. Hey boobiedreamer, My partner really wasn't thrilled about it either, it caused us so many arguments. We talked about it for over a year before i even booked a consult! I was lucky my mum was supportive because we are really close. My dad has no idea though, we're not very close and he's recently moved overseas, so i doubt he'll ever realise, or if he does he might just think i've grown. lol Some ladies don't tell their parents, but being the way i am with my mum, she would definitely have noticed, and i would feel awful going behind her back and doing it. As for my partner, i think he ended up realising how much it meant to me and he gave in, although we still argue about it now after it's already done! I have a very close friend who is in the same position as you and i know how upset and disappointed her parents would feel if she did it without them knowing, so i would suggest talking to them, if you want it done that badly then talk to them until they understand how much it means to you.. but like Dsforme said, if you're planning on having kids soon, and if money is an issue because of other things happening in your life, I would wait, you wouldn't want to spend around $10,000 now just to have to do it again in a few years time.. I really hope that helps and good luck with your decision!
  14. Dr Mayson was my surgeon and he used brazilians for me, at first i really hated how hard they are, i complained about it all the time and in the bedroom it was especially annoying, i'm one month post op and i can tell they are softening already! I can't squeeze them very much but i can move them and press my fingers into them and push them together, where as they were completely stiff before... You are in great hands with Dr Mayson!
  15. added you as a friend, so you can check out my pics
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