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    I can't watch the video just yet, I'm lying in bed and my bf is still asleep, woke up at 4am and just can't get back to sleep (stupid body clock! Lol) I'll definitely watch it when I get a chance though!
    I think dr tavakolli is a great choice, if I hadn't already picked my ps before I heard about him I'm pretty sure I would have chose him.
    I have a lot of breast tissue in my nipples and it makes them look 'puffy' I could have had a nipple incision to make my nipples smaller but I chose not too because there is more of a risk of not being able to breast feed, and because I haven't had kids that's something really imPortant to me.. He did however release some of the constricting parts that were causing the tissue to stay under nipples, he said they may flatten out over time but it's not 100%. At the moment they are still a little puffy but because my boobs are bigger it doesn't look strange, before BA they were so puffy and heavy that they were sagging. (probably doesn't make sense, I'll add you as a friend and when I put up photos yoi'll see what I mean..
    So maybe when you have a consult you could discuss the nipple incision?
    Hope that helps
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