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  1. Yeah only tricep exercises, I don't train chest anymore ? I have s check up on a week and a half so I'll try remember to ask about it then!
  2. Hi lovelies, I'm about 4 months post op and have had a great recovery. I'm back at the gym but have avoided training chest because it feels so weird to use those muscles and I'm worried about compromising the implants. does anyone else have weird noises or sensations or 'squelchy' feelings in their boobs when they train triceps? It happens for me everytime I do cable tricep extensions/pull downs and im freaking out!! I don't know if this is normal? Thanks, Emi xx
  3. I am wearing normal bras during the day and still wearing crops to bed just because I am paranoid!
  4. This is 8 weeks post op, so in love!!
  5. I think it might be a bit soon to tell if it's working? I'll keep an eye on them over the next week for any changes. That's fantastic! such a great size. I'm so in love with mine, it rally is the bet thing I've son and each day I look at them in the mirror I am more and more pleased
  6. @Pamela2 I have just started bio oil this past week as well, I should try take some progress pics. My scars are pretty thin and the way my breasts sit you can't see them anyway so I'm not too fussed. I feel they blend in pretty well so far. Are you happy with the size you've ended up as? Xx
  7. I have been doing so well. Been cleared for exercise and underwire bras, went for my first run yesterday which was fine! I am LOVING my boobs and couldn't be happier. Best and easiest thing I've ever done and I am so pleased with my experience with Dr Richardson ?? how are you traveling?
  8. Hi ladies, Can anyone please tell me all the great sports bras for running post op? And do you double up on the crops when you run? Also what do you wear when you are just lifting weights and the girls aren't bouncing around? Thanks in advance!! I can't wait to get back into my fitness regime, 1 week to go!!!
  9. I'm a Dr R girl as well and will be 6 weeks post op next Wednesday. My scars are looking fantastic, I'm actually really surprised at how good they look. My experience with him has been incredible! I can't recommend him enough to others ??
  10. Has anyone bought a post op bra for exercise and running? I've heard there are some good berlei ones but just wandering what else is good for holding the girls in place? Thanks! Xx
  11. hi @Pepper9 from what j can see there isn't any redness or extra swelling which is good. I'm seeing Annika on Wednesday anyhow so will make sure I raise. Thanks for your support ladies! X
  12. That's great!!! I must say mine had been very similar other than having this damn head cold! Am finally sleeping on my sides again which is great, and am slowing able to walk a little faster on the treadmill but still taking it very easy just in case!
  13. I don't think they are? Will definitely call and check though thank you @KittenLover
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