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  1. Hey Alana, I had my BA with Dr Tavakoli in December. Couldn't be happier. He is an incredible surgeon I would recommend him to anyone. A girlfriend of mine traveled from QLD to have hers done also and she said it was a really easy process. I'm a month post op now and they're already looking amazing
  2. Sorry for the late reply I have been away for Christmas and new year. I am feeling amazing now.. Dr Tavakoli said they just need to drop and fluff but otherwise they are amazing.. SO SO happy with my results.. He is the best in the business I couldn't be happier. How are you feeling now? So excited for the next sunny weekend to wear my bikini
  3. Hi meg.barnett. I went to 3 consults in Sydney and so glad I did.. it was worth the consult fee's so I'm so glad I ended up choosing Dr Tavakoli. He made me feel most comfortable and it's definitely something you should feel confident about. I hesitated for a while in making a decision but once i saw Dr T i felt so much better and i knew he was going to give me the result I wanted because I was really scared of looking fake. I'm 4 days post op now and I'm feeling pretty good and I'm due to see him on the 29th December for my first check up with him. Did you end up booking in to see any others??
  4. I am feeling surprisingly good. I thought it would be a lot more painful than it is.. I am stiff and it hurts to move quickly but otherwise I'm just enjoying laying in bed especially in this weather!! How are you feeling Cassiedd? Don't worry the first couple of days aren't fun but after the initial few days it gets a lot easier Are you still taking pain meds? I just feel bloated but Dr Tavakoli said it was only a side effect of the general anesthetic..
  5. Oh thats exciting!! mine is 18th December. He will make you feel so comfortable he is amazing.. His whole team is so helpful What size are you going or do you not know?
  6. Two of my girlfriends went with Dr Tavakoli and they said its the best decision they have made.. Which is why I am booked in I have heard some bad stories but I guess that comes down to your surgeon choice as well. I went to 3 different consultations before I chose but I am glad I did because now I know what my options are and where I feel most comfortable.
  7. Hi girls, Anyone else booked for December surgery with Dr Tavakoli? Nerves are starting to kick in!
  8. My friend had her nose done by Dr Tavakoli early this year and she looks amazing.. massive improvement. There was a lot of swelling to start but now it looks so good!
  9. I was choosing out of 3 different Sydney surgeons and I chose Dr Tavakoli.. he is known for how amazing he is at breast surgery and my friends have had breast augmentation with him and they all look amazing. He has chosen very natural looking implants for me too which I am so happy about because I was nervous I was going to go too big or look augmented. But I'm all booked for December so I cant wait Let us know how you go!
  10. I have chosen to go ahead with him also Who did you end up seeing Sam Sugar? I am booked in for 10th December.. What size and profile did you choose Laa?
  11. Hi guys! I'm new to this site but I thought I could get some advise from anyone that has gone or is going to have a breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli? I have done SO much research and I've read and seen so many good reviews and before and afters of Dr T's work and seems to be faultless but just wondering if anyone knows a bit more? I'm booked in for a consultation with him next week.. so exciting
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