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    breast augmentation
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    Dr Tavakoli wed 22 august 2012
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    169cm between 56and 58kg 10aa preop now 10d-dd but weighing a whopping 4kg heavier

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  1. Hey girl, I got 350cc I started as a Mega tiny a cup and at the moment I'm in a 10d. my stats are below. But add 4 kgs to my weight, ugh post ba weight gain.
  2. Hi minimel, Dr t just has you wear the ahh bras for the first few day, at my first post open appt I wore the berlei post open bra, then alterntated between all.feel free to ask more qs, trust me I had a lot after and we almost have the same implants etc.xx good luck tomorrow if I don't hear from u.
  3. Chopper, aren't they just to make you pee more? Well obviously lol. Do you find they have really helped with the bloating?
  4. hi Billy chic. Im 168cm 60kg with an athletic frasme (or was post op ha ha ha) I got 350cc textured anatomicals and am now wearing a 10d. will fr you if we arent already friends so u can check out my pics.
  5. sorry HMK im probably too late but I got my fluid ease fmrom the discount chemist. How is it all going? I hope youre feeling better xxx
  6. i got the same bellevis. I had to stop using bio oil. Now I use vitamin e capsules. I break them open with a pin and rub it on fmrom there. Oh and Phisohex.. soooo much better x
  7. Hi HMK i just thought about your thread again as I can really identify with how you are feeling, ive been a mess this week in terms of body confidence.. Have you tried changing your diet? I have found that when I am unable to excersise (ive had some injuries this year) I cut down my carb intake. Much like atkins or body trim (depending on your beleifs) I think alot of post ba weight can be contributed to fluid, or at least thats what Im guessing as the weight seems to have piled on awfully quickly. I lost 2kg over the last 2 days by drinking alot of water and taking fluid ease. even though thi
  8. Hmk I am in EXACTLY the same boat as you. Similar stats, implants age etc and I'm trying to get back to 58kgs. I don't ow where the hell the weight came from but its freaking me out Buuuut even if u do feel a little softer than usual your boobs look amazing. So I think you would easily pull a few extra kgs off.
  9. hey pixievibes, Im not sure, I actually did the opposite of what I was probably supposed to but I tried to condition my body to deal with little activity before surgery. The day I went in I was at my usual weight, then every day since just keeps piling on. Its confusing, I did quit smoking prior to my surgery but had been quit for weeks and not a pound was giained. Then after surgery... bam. it feels like im full of fluid though. so iuve started taking some diuretics and drinking ALOT of water so ill keep u posted. xxx
  10. Agggghhh I am gaining weight as every day goes on and its driving me nuts. I'm 1 month post op and at the moment 6kg heavier. God I hope I can shake at least 5. I wish I knew why.
  11. hey platinum, yeah those photos up were after the fall.... I think I may just be a little psycho. Doc says all is going well and Ive started massaging. Phew.. ha ha thanks so much for your input though. I really appreciate the support no worries lizdexandivy. Yeah im pretty obsessed. Driving everyone insane I tell ya. I am a massive stress head. xx
  12. sorry for the late reply platinum, I made them just under. I keep saying ill post more pics but I do have some with the sizers in so ill add those when I get a chance xx
  13. Thanks so much minimel! What size are u looking to have or hoping? Yeah amz bondi was great, ladies there were lovely. I was in n out pretty darn quick though an was off my face on painkillers for the most of the time. Which after surgery, great!! Xx Not long minimel!!!!!
  14. Hey Oakley, have been leaving boobies alone for a few days but will take some soon and put them up. I'm in a 10d at the moment. Not sure if they will grow or not but at the moment I'm finding it hard to accommodate beautiful boobies when i m so used to dressing an ironing board.
  15. Breasts to be has amazing boobs, I know she loves them and rightfully so but she has mentioned that she could have gone smaller. I'm 3 weeks post op and thinking I probably could of too. Not positive yet but I still LOVE them x
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