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  1. Overs can look good but the best ones I've seen are on women with a good amount of pre-existing breast tissue - these always seem to look the most natural to me On lean women with very little breast tissue they can look a little faker, especially when they are small framed & get a big implant & only have a small BW. I think each to their own! Both can look good - depending on your anatomy.
  2. I agree. But it is common terminology to use with brazillians, not in a negative way - more in the way that they don't move or sit naturally on your chest, as in drop. I didn't use 'bolt on' in this thread anyway. None of my posts have been moderated as far as I am aware on this threead?? I'm at work so it is hard to see * I found the post on the other thread, it's in relation to everybody's brazillians, the comment included melina's brazillians as well - I didn't make a nasty comment at all. Mine looked bolted to my chest too, I have said this numerous times as well on this forum. I was not being nasty - simply stating a fact! (That is, they can give a bolted on look in slim women with no breast tissue of their own).
  3. This is a very long winded response - I don't even have the time to read it all. Always the same excuse "those threads have been deleted"...strange, how this is always the case, isn't it? I think if you haven't got anything nice to say about ANY forum member it is best to say nothing at all! No, the post is still there, and yes you do bully on this forum! No, I asked if they were brazillians, because of their slight bolt-on appearance, the post is still there! I also liked her other pic too.
  4. Good idea yes, no FDA approval, the poly foam is not healthy and possible carcinogen & as you can see from pics here they give a very 'bolt on' look to your chest...very very unnatural looking....they don't drop either Any non-sticky implant will give a beautiful natural result with no carcinogenic worries Best of luck with your new boobies xxx
  5. @AlanaJ to say a member is "nipping at your heels" is degrading and refers to them acting like a dog - you are just plain rude that forum member (melina) said plenty of positive things on brazillian threads, I just read them. I think you are the rude one there!! its a pity she's not on the forum this week...because I would definitely stick up for her....you show no empathy for women that have been to hell and back with problems with these implants...physically, emotionally & financially!!
  6. German polytech implants are coated in the exact same foam as brazillians so they are the same thing. They behave the exact same way - as in they stick to your chest cavity. They're just marketed under a different brand name. They carry the exact same risks too - in relation to the foam coating. Hope this clears up the confusion for you
  7. I have read all threads on brazillians and either of those forum members don't attack people - especially Melina88! You "like" and stick up for any forum member that mentions postives about brazililans and when another forum member mentions anything negative about this implant, you are always one of the main forum members to write a comment such as the one above... Many women have lost breast tissue from early removal of these implants and had other complications with brazillians (me included)...women on this forum have every right to caution other members about the use of these implants, I have, just as Melina, Cathy, ellymelly etc has...I wouldn't want another forum member to go through what I have been through & that is why I try and raise awareness of the problems with this implant.... I lost breast tissue from early removal of my brazilians and also developed CC (this is why they have to be removed early - I was in a lot of pain!) - they are not a safe implant at all.....plus they can give a very unnatural/bolted on result on certain body types.
  8. Non-sticky implants change heaps within the first 12 months, mine at 3 months changed at 6 months (dropped more) and then again at 12 months. At 12 months they look their best and most natural, they have completely fallen into your breast pocket and just look big and natural instead of big and fake, the 12 month mark is definitely when they look their best x
  9. I was lurking on this forum, and this thread, 2 weeks before I joined up! I saw the entire thread. I work with a PS not a CS - not that is in any of your business. How would you know what it is like to lose thousands of dollars ($12k alone and another $9k to fix)?? And my chest is still not right You would have no idea what it is like to lose thousands & thousands of $ ($21k all up!!!) because a surgeon gave you the wrong advice for the type of implant to use!! x
  10. Ok, try not to worry, yes, I've seen this article, I read it last year from memory. I have the same fears as you, I don't believe my pockets were cleaned out so well either. So I also fear that there's a lot of those particles (potential carcinogens) floating in my chest cavity wall as well. I hope they don't lead to cancer down the track, but who really knows? I think when something isn't FDA approved don't touch it. The suspension on brazillians hasn't been lifted and I'm fairly sure it is close to, or even over, a good 8 weeks since it all started. No updates either, nothing, maybe they'll never come back. Try not to worry, I am very very worried too, at least we have one another to discuss this, xx
  11. Yes Cathy, you are spot on with your comments. There are many more women like us with this issue from Brazillian removal. .I never imagined that this could happen to me, I'm always so careful when it comes to surgery, I never take any chances, always take the safest option... it is just all so terrible Really hope you heal well Cathy and no you suffer no more complications x
  12. I've lost probably my estimate of about 60cc, I asked him to keep the implant after surgery but it was not kept after surgery for me
  13. Yes, I am still not coping with it all no, they are not a miracle implant,
  14. The velcro effect doesn't last, It is not hard to give a client a look they want when I gave him a picture of the exact breasts I wanted (A DROPPED BREAST - VERY NATURAL LOOKING) and he agrees he can give me this look with an implant that doesn't drop at all, and doesn't in any way look natural! Don't make excuses for him!! He could have said "no, thats a dropped breast krystal, these implants don't drop" but no, he took my $ instead, knowing full well he could not give me the look I wanted!! You seem like a bully on this thread not towards Cathy, but towards the other woman, you kept attacking her about an issue that you yourself have no knowledge about, why be so mean?? Have some empathy for girls that have brazillians and have gone to hell and back trying to get them removed!!!
  15. Hi all, I just joined this forum today due to my anxiety about my booobs. I read this thread in between shifts and I just wanted to say I completely understand where members Cathy and Elly are coming from. I also had brazillians that looked a lot like Cathys and needed removal after 6 months due to CC...same problem, although Dr ** initially believed there wouldn't be any issues in removal, in surgery he discovered that I had one implant that had literally adhered to bone I lost some breast tissue and am still dealing with trying to fix this issue now so my breasts look even. I pad my bras now to even them up A complete nightmare! Hugs to Cathy and Elly - I know exactly how you feel!
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