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    BA - Dual Plane - 370cc textured silicon- teardrops
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    Dr Layt - Booked 24th Feb 16
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    165cm 59kg 10a - now measuring 10E
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    Mum of 3 girls :)

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  1. Just wanted to note that I started using it and it does work fantastically....but it also can make you break out as it increases oil production. My skin started getting really spotty!
  2. I am very similar stats to you and got 420's dual plane. Very happy. Initially I thought they were too small because they were high....then I was worried they were too big....ha ha. Now I am 7 months post op and think they are perfect now they have settled x
  3. Just to let you all know. I have had a go at RF Fractional Laser and had some really great results. LCA has special at the moment and got my face done too. No more fine lines and neck is so tight x
  4. Hi Girls.... I have been sleeping on my side for over a week now :/ Is there any reason why we can't? I am 4 weeks post op today. I think it is pretty common for one to drop earlier. I am sure they will even up soon x
  5. Wondering if there is any procedure that works on neck wrinkles? Some kind of lazer, injectables, needling, creams? Has anyone had a good results with anything?
  6. I am one of the ones who wishes that I got smaller. I feel mine are too big for me. I am 59kgs 165cm with broad shoulders, small waist and decent hips. I have 370 teardrop, dual plane placement. I am only at week 3 p/o and can't stop thinking about downsizing. Really wish that I had got smaller implants. I trusted the surgeon with selecting my size from my inspo boob folder but should have gone with my gut and got smaller. I kept calling him to check that this sizing wasn't going to be too big. They are nothing like the vectra imaging which I had a feeling they wouldn't so didn't really focus on the vectras....and also not very similar to the rice sizers. I am hoping them are going to get smaller looking with they d & f more?! Or....maybe I just need to get used to them
  7. I know there are some legal groups out there that work on commission if they win the case. You can go through it verbally with them first just over the phone to see if they think it is worth going any further. This would be a second option after contacting APHRA to see what they say. Good luck. I know I would be very unhappy too.
  8. If you have had 3 kids you will be fine. Seriously. It is not much different from having your milk come in. Your boobs have done all the stretching already so will cope fine. It will be a walk in the park compared to a c-section. I was also in your situation and was going to travel to Miroshnik from the GC. I love his work…he is amazing….but also has a great PR team and following insta loving post op beauties. If you dig around there are also some excellent surgeons in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I spent a long time researching. I have just been to Dr Layt and more than happy. He is not really my 'cup of tea' in the personality area but he is polite and good at what he does. Good luck xx
  9. Same here….thought I was losing the plot. I have been so low and questioning my decision about the BA….even though I love them. Def not alone So happy I found this thread to know its not just me too x
  10. Every person heals at different rates but the best thing to do as per @overthinkingit and @Meg.92mentioned is move around and get your blood circulating. I had op Wed morning and didn't lie around at all (maybe 1 hour rest in the afternoon). The healing process will be much slower if you just lie around. I only had pain meds for 2 days and was able to drive on 3rd day with no problems. (My car has very light steering.) I agree....the worst thing is the bloat and constipation. I also didn't go to the toilet for 5 days. I sympathize with you. Go with the prune juice or go and get an enema kit from the chemist?
  11. Hi. I am day 5 and have just had these hideous blue veins pop up during the day. Has anyone else experienced this? and will they go away? Thanks in advance xx
  12. Hi. I am day 5 and have just had these hideous blue veins pop up during the day. Has anyone else experienced this? and will they go away? Thanks in advance xx
  13. I only had panadol too and just for 2 days. I have found the whole thing pretty pain free. Day 4 now. The worst was the fluid retention which seems to have left my body mostly last night. Still holding a little. @JS They look great. You must be happy
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