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  1. Ibuprofen is contraindicated in breast augmentation surgery as it increases risks if bleeding and bruising causing haematoma. A high percentage of people have an allergy or intolerance to codeine. Just take regular paracetamol and if that's not strong enough I'd go to your GP. As for anti nausea, you won't need one once you stop taking the codeine. The ondanseteon wafers are highly highly constipating, just one and you'l be bunged up. We use them in extreme circumstances and I work in the chemo ward, there are better meds out there if you need be :)
  2. Thanks for your reply and I'll be certain to follow you through. Are you located in Melbourne? Also do you think It'l be ok for me to only have a consult and meet and greet the day or 2 prior to surgery date? I've had a couple of people mention dr Mirkazemi. I've searched his we page but unable to find a gallery for him? Would love to see before and afters of his thanks :)
  3. Thank you so much for commenting. I will be following you gals post op. Melbba your boobs look amazing, if I can achieve anything like your i'll be over the moon!!! and Love and Glitter i'll be following you post op too...let me know how it goes. Are you girls both in Melbourne? i'm waiting for my partner to get home to take proper pre op photos so I can email them off and start planning. Also I want to lose about 8kg...do you think I should wait to lose the weight before sending photos? I am so asymmetrical. a small b cup on my left and a decent c cup on my right but saggy (I haven't had kids) Also it there a link somewhere to read about terminology here like d&f and cc's and bits and bobs? Thanks so much
  4. Hi lovely ladies I'm travelling to Melbourne for BA middle to late 2016 and pretty certain i've narrowed it down to Dr Rahdon. Looking to hear of your experiences with him and would love to add you as friends so I can follow your journey and look at pre/post op pics Would love to know if others had asymmetry issues or needed a lift and what your costs were like? Also if you couldn't see Dr Rahdon who would be your 2nd choice?? Thanks all
  5. Kura, I've got family in Melbourne too so that's an option for me too. How did you narrow it down to the couple you've chosen?? Let me know how they go next year...i'm not looking until later next year...want to lose 10kg Mark Ashton sounds good....but pricey, i'm hoping to spend around the 10k mark So much research to be done....I feel like i'm so clueless
  6. Thanks for your reply sweetsydney. What practise does dr kohout work for and what was your total cost? Cheers
  7. Hi all First time post. Have been considering BA for 10 years now and have finally committed!!! I live in Tassie, very limited services here so will travel to the big smoke; aka Australia I'm after some recommendations from people and rough prices too...I was looking at TCI but looking through this forum I've found conflicting thoughts on them...they're prices seem too good to be true. Also I am very asymmetrical...did anyone else have this problem pre BA, I have about a cup difference between left and right. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Kate
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