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  1. @Janey86 my stats are pretty much the same as yours. Feel free to FR me if you'd like to see my pics.
  2. Could it be a mondors cord? I had one a few inches below my incisions, when I stretched I got a weird pulling and could feel a cord like tendon. After massaging it, it went a away. Hopefully it's nothing. I too have an internal stitch that is trying to poke out. I've seen my surgeon he said massage too and it's still there, but getting better.
  3. I love this thread! This was for the first few days- week 1. Getting up off the floor when playing with my kids. 2. Getting out of bed 3. Buttering bread or toast 4. Opening the fridge 5. Having a seat belt across my chest felt weird 6. Adjusting the shower head- as mentioned above 7. Getting dressed in some things 8. Brushing and washing my hair! That's about it ☺☺☺
  4. Depending on placement etc..I was dual plane and hubby helped with over the head clothing for the first few days til a week.
  5. Glad you are all doing well. Hopefully that seratoma heals quickly Emily! I am 5 and a half wks post op. Going well, steadily getting back into exercising. I sleep on my sides now, although sometimes the sideboob gets a little uncomfortable. Lol I am taping my incisions with fixomol tape, and using bio oil on my boobs and silocone gel on my incisions as I tend not to heal well in terms of scaring. I agree totally @elle_cee my size is the same as yours and I thought they would be huge. But really no one even notices, mainly because I wore so much padding in my bras before the BA anyway. Very happy though with everything. ☺☺ I go back to work this week, it's been nice having this much time off and to recover. All the best ladies
  6. Hi Rissa, My surgeon recommended wearing post op bra all the time. Icing really helps with swelling, frozen peas work wonders. Glad your surgery went well. Xo rest up.
  7. Hi Rissa, I have really similar stats to you (167cm/55kg/10A previously). I got 390cc dual plane 4 weeks ago. I haven't fully dropped and fluffed yet. But currently I'm a full c/ small D. So I think you'll be fine with that size. Feel free to friend request me to see my gallery xo All the best. The first few days are the worst for pain, but its bareable. Just rest when you need to. And get movicol (laxative powder). For me, the bloating was the worst!
  8. I hear you about the sensitive nipples. Sometimes it's embarrassing looking down and seeing that I'm 'high beaming'. I have been having a nap most days since surgery- (while my 2 babies sleep during the day). Can do most things, however some arm positions can feel strange.
  9. I would just explain to them all the reasons why you are happy with your choice and also all the reasons why you're hesitant to recommend a CS over a PS. Ensure they understand the difference then the rest is up to them.
  10. When I saw my surgeon today he said 3 months. I'm sure each one will say something different though. ☺☺☺
  11. Just had dressings removed, selfie time. 13 days post op.
  12. Hey Everyone, hope everyone is going well. Im two weeks tomorrow, had a review appointment today, everything is going really well. Very happy with how they look, are dropping and fluffing nicely, starting to soften but a long way to go there. I ceased taking panadol about day 10 and am moving around with minimal issues. I can start massaging them now and will continue to tape the scars for at least another 6 weeks. Will post a pic later. Merry Christmas
  13. My experience with Dr Ali has been nothing but professional. He has answered any concerns I have had extremely promptly. I had my post op appointments scheduled before I had surgery and I have been contacted by his practice manager every day for the first 4 days post surgery to see if I was going well. I also had a dual plane placement and my results are everything I asked for. I understand his personality may not gel with everyone, but I have never found him creepy. I also understand there are a few girls unsatisfied with their results, that is fact. I definitely see on this forum there are some vocal members who have had zero personal experience with this surgeon who are extremely negative. If anyone would like to see my results send me a FR. I am not trying to sway anyone ine way or another just providing my personal experience with this surgeon.
  14. Hi Emily, I had surgery with him 2 weeks ago this Friday. Send me a friend request and we can chat. I am soooo happy with my results. I got 390cc dual plane (unders) with Dr Ali. I have my follow up app this Thursday and I was called every day after surgery by his assistant. He also messaged me too.
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