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    jane_85 reacted to Breastideaihad in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    Pre op, 5 days post op and then 2 weeks post 
    pretty happy ? 

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    jane_85 got a reaction from claywantsboobs in Boob selfie!   
    Just had dressings removed, selfie time. 13 days post op.

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    jane_85 got a reaction from lisba in Sick from implants   
    Perhaps is worth considering the psychological effect of the augmentation. The brain drives your body and if there is a level of stress post op it can contribute to a variety of very real physiological symptoms. Talking to a psychologist in terms of how to deal with this change in your life may help. 
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    jane_85 got a reaction from Needboobs in December 2015 girls   
    Hi guys, I went in last Friday.  My surgeon was running late so I ended up waiting for a bit in the waiting room. I too am so happy with the results.  I woke up and immediately smiled at the sight of boobs!!! I wanted to shout out in recovery. ..I have boobs lol
    Everything has gone great so far. I have had phone calls from mysurgeon's assistant everyday which has been fantastic.  
    Here's a pic from yesterday. ..I ended up going 390cc dual plane. So happy I went the bigger size. They change everyday.  

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    jane_85 reacted to pilbaraprincess in cant bloody wait!   
    Cant wait to ditch the padding out of my fav LJ sports bra!! 
    16 more days to go!! 

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    jane_85 got a reaction from barbalicious40 in how long until internal stitches dissolve??   
    Could it be a mondors cord? I had one a few inches below my incisions,  when I stretched I got a weird pulling and could feel a cord like tendon. After massaging it, it went a away. Hopefully it's nothing. 
    I too have an internal stitch that is trying to poke out. I've seen my surgeon he said massage too and it's still there, but getting better. 
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    jane_85 got a reaction from Sarinka in Boob selfie!   
    Just had dressings removed, selfie time. 13 days post op.

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    jane_85 got a reaction from Kkk in Boob selfie!   
    Just had dressings removed, selfie time. 13 days post op.

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    jane_85 got a reaction from Lucky Cat in Things I found difficult while recovering   
    Sneezing was painful too! 
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    jane_85 reacted to AlanaJ in Any regrets of going too big?   
    Sure Emi, I take the pictures down after awhile. I don't want to run the risk of them getting out into the public domain....I'm a bit paranoid, I guess. 
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    jane_85 reacted to Emily5 in December 2015 - recovery and post op   
    hi December girls and guys!! 
    I wanted to start a thread on how everyone is going post op. 
    Currently, I am 3 weeks post op, BA 420cc, overs... My issues are:
    * left side incision is weeping (serous fluid?), I have it covered with a dressing 
    * I am getting chest pains when I breathe deeply (is this normal?) - feels like under the implants 
    * still in post op bra 
    * back on antibiotics 
    * sleeping on side now (yay!) 
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    jane_85 reacted to Colleena in Boob selfie!   
    An assortment of boob selfies, because it is addictive!! Ranging form 1 day to 14 days PO

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    jane_85 reacted to BA-finally in Boob selfie!   
    Here's mine nearly 5 months PO ?

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    jane_85 reacted to Big Booty Judy in This article makes me angry   
    Ok ok I know it's not "news" and it is just an opinion piece, but today I read this article on ninemsn and it has made me very angry.  I can't vent anywhere else as I haven't shared my boob news widely yet, and I can't comment on the article because that function isn't enabled, so I'm sorry but I'm venting here!
    There is just so much wrong with this article.  To say that a woman can't have a BA for herself, but is doing it for someone else, is just bullshit.  And to encourage the husband to talk her out of it is unfair.  What it should say is that a BA is a personal decision, and while perhaps the husband should reassure the wife that he loves her boobs the way she is, if she chooses a BA, he should support and respect her decision.  And to insinuate a BA will be the beginning of a life of PS?!   Grrrr.  I am angry because if there are women out there that are considering a BA and read this stupid article, they may be discouraged not to go ahead with it, even though deep down it's something they really want to do.
    Sorry. I'm angry because I had my BA for myself.  Not for anyone else.  Not to impress anyone else.  Not because my husband didn't love my pre-BA boobs.  Just for me. 
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    jane_85 reacted to 520rounds in December 2015 girls   
    I also had a reaction to my antibiotic and the Celebrex.. was told to go right off them... think I was only on them for 3 days before i was just dizzy/vomiting/hot sweats (just generally feeling like I was dying). I was allowed to keep on the other pain relief (panaedine ft and tramadol) and asked to take zantac for three days just to sort out all the imbalance from the vomiting etc. I stopped all meds 10 days post op and just take the off nurofen when I need it..
    Mine said the same..
    My PS said happy to get wet and also recommended a hair dryer to dry the dressings..
    LOVING my side boob!! just wish I had more shape in the middle!! Hate the gap!
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    jane_85 got a reaction from 520rounds in December 2015 girls   
    When I saw my surgeon today he said 3 months. I'm sure each one will say something different though.  ☺☺☺
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    jane_85 reacted to Hollymay in The breast institute and my new boobs   
    Hey guys! So I'm noticing a lot of girls are beginning to look into the breast institute. I had my BA with them on the 12th November and I LOVE my new boobs. I have been really lucky so far and I had an amazing surgeon Dr Broadhurst who did the most amazing job. All I can say is less is more in regards to after care, I left my bandages on for 3 weeks and then I've let them be since, no creams or gels I just let my body do its thing and I think that works! Anyone looking into TBI or Dr Broadhurst feel free to msg me he's amazing! I'm still only 8 week PO so they have a lot of D&F to do but photos are below xx

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    jane_85 got a reaction from prue in 3 weeks post op experience ls   
    I hear you about the sensitive nipples. Sometimes it's embarrassing looking down and seeing that I'm 'high beaming'. 
    I have been having a nap most days since surgery- (while my 2 babies sleep during the day). Can do most things, however some arm positions can feel strange. 
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    jane_85 reacted to Smacc in Boob selfie!   
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    jane_85 reacted to Kayla89 in Boob selfie!   
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    jane_85 reacted to Shayne in 3 weeks post op experience ls   
    I am 4 weeks post op and I am back to walking and cycling on a stationary bike (no resistance). I am however still sore and sensitive. At times I feel like I am sunburnt and my boobs are sore to touch. I am only sleeping in my  carefix bra now as it just isn't giving me enough support during the day as my boobs were constantly feeling sore. I am now wearing a wire free Berlei sports bra which has reduced the soreness significantly. I am not yet able to stretch my arms fully which is difficult when trying to hang washing. Sleeping is difficult as I am still laying on my back, propped up on pillows. Seeing my surgeon on Wednesday so I am keen to discuss how things are going at my visit. People keep asking if I am frustrated at not being back into exercising fully and I am honestly not, as I know my body is just not ready. 
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    jane_85 reacted to Fi Fi in Stiff nips   
    It gets a little bit embarrassing heading out now. Couldn't see before padded up to the max. Still wearing the post op bra stiff nips alret poking out all the time lol gotta laugh.Any once else laughing? ??x
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    jane_85 reacted to elle_cee in 3 weeks post op experience ls   
    I'm 3.5 weeks post op now and am still feeling not right. It's getting better and I am able to drive now and pick up my youngest child (who is 2) but I'm still achey and tired.  And my boobs are super sensitive and still feel bruised /heavy (plus one of my nipples is going crazy and is tingly and always switched on!)
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    jane_85 reacted to Countrygirl94 in 6 week PO update- scars are looking average   
    Hi ladies!
    I am now 6 weeks PO and loving my new boobies and more importantly loving life again! My bandages came off 2 weeks ago and I hated the scars as soon as I saw them and refused to look at them for days! They are looking better now but still a bit meh... There are a few funny wounds along the incison that still bleed and get a little weepy ( as seen on my right boob ) that I keep freaking out about and I have had two types of stitchings come out- which also freaked me out! But overall I am pretty chuffed with how everything is going at the moment  
    They are feeling A LOT softer now and I can just start to smoosh them together   plus I get to go wireless next week! (Still a little confused because at my 2 week PO app he said 5 more weeks in the bra but on the PO sheet it says to wear it for 8 weeks...)
    No longer have any pain or morning boob whatsoever, sleeping normally again and keep finding myself waking up on my side/tummy squishing them
    Can't wait for the lower pole to drop more, feel like my nips are sitting too low!
    So yer thats my update xx

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    jane_85 reacted to Ittybittyk in Are you comfortable providing recommendations to friends?   
    nailed it Jane ?
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