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  1. Hey, NW just accepted :) sorry for the delay

  2. Hey no worries! Will accept now x

  3. No worries! I'll accept now :)

  4. No worries - accepted :)

  5. Hey, no worries :) Accepted x

  6. Hey, No worries - accepted :) I dont have a lot of photos up now after losing them all in the forum crash but i am sure there is enough there to give you the idea! x

  7. Hey - yep im still alive! just been super busy. I get on here to reply to PMs & delete spam but just havent had the time to post or update everyone. My boobs actually got bigger!!! I am falling out of all my bras How did your surgery go!!?? x

  8. Yep mine are rounds ... i dont think the timeframes will be any different for teardrops. and no worries :) happy to help!

  9. Yep in 8 months they will be amazing!!! at about 7.5-8months mine all of a sudden softened a lot more!! but from about 3 months onwards they looked exactly as they are going to from now on. i have heard a lot of people say that about 3 months is where they really become boobs haha congrats on getting married!!! :)

  10. Hey, Most girls havent fluffed fully by 2 weeks - from what i have seen I was at the very early end of the spectrum!! i think you will just have to be patient to find out! when they soften up tho they are much easier to get into bras a bit smaller. Yes i believe they do stick like velcro so they dont actually drop - but they can look like they drop as the silicone settles to the bottom of the implant in a more natural look. It is of course possible that they could move but very unlikely!! I definitely dont have to wear a bra - they sit up nicely all on their own!! and i generally dont wear one at home, but I generally wear at least a sports bra when i get out to stop everyone seeing just how much im feeling the cold! haha

  11. Hey No worries :) FR accepted!!! 35 sleeps (coz your definitely not counting :) ) will go really quickly and you will be getting them before you know it

  12. Hey, No worries! FR accepted :)

  13. Hey :) mine are silimed brazilians - HP

  14. No worries :) FR accepted x

  15. Finally managed to upload some 8 month pics :) had a lot of trouble with the forum letting me but its done!! will leave it a liittle longer then consider whether i will upload all my old ones or not - it seems like so much work x

  16. Hey, what do you mean by show? Mine sat pretty well in the right spot from the start but they were majorly fluffing out for the first 2 - 3 weeks. My disappearing photos actually showed it really well but they were tiny in the first few days and then grew for the first few weeks - however i believe that is pretty quick compared to other girls. Just be patient - as hard as that is. your sternum will also heal up xx

  17. Just accepted your FR x

  18. i know :( i think its a problem after the site being down! i have taken the 8month pix - just have to put them up! and having some computer problems at the moment which isn't helping soon i promise :)

  19. guess i had better get some 8month photos up then hey? haha don't think it will show up in photos but they got so much softer this month :)

  20. Hey - sorry i just cleaned my inbox! x

  21. No worries :) FR Accepted x

  22. FR accepted :) i think its almost 8 months now - time has flown! i definitely love them and they are so soft now! after so many years of wearing hard super padded bras i wasn't too worried by the initial firmness but now they feel almost like real boobs ... the guy i am seeing commented that they have got so much softer even in just the last few weeks .. but he definitely hasnt complained about them :)

  23. Thank you :) mine are rounds ... high profile. i wanted the more rounded look so that part of my decision was a no-brainer!

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