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  1. Hey, NW just accepted :) sorry for the delay

  2. That movement is the muscle slightly distorting the implant.. It is normal and mine do it as well. Some people are bothered by it but I really don't notice it all that much! What do you do in the way of lifting? Ps will accept your FR now
  3. Sukii! I am in the same boat as you! I still try and get on here to moderate reported posts etc but I am definitely not browsing the forums like I used to haha For those of you who dont know me - I had my boobs done a little over a year ago with Dr Harwood : 435HP Brazilians (under) and am absolutely loving them I am now about a 6G/8FF in bras which are difficult to find! I have also just started powerlifting and was a little worried about how that would affect my boobs but so far so good - they are the same as they have always been!
  4. I agree with a lot of the other ladies here - Do what will make YOU happy, regardless of what his opinion is. He definitely does sound insecure and controlling. And I also have my own story of a controlling boyfriend that I was with from 15-21, In the end I was severely depressed and had isolated myself from all of my friends and family I always made excuses for him and really didn't realize what i was involved in at the time. About 2 years ago he left me and broke my heart. After a few months though I realised how unhealthy the relationship was, and how amazingly different my life is now without him!! I have recently moved in with a new boyfriend who actually treats me as i should be treated and I really understand what a relationship should be like. My new boyfriend also LOVES my 'assets' and loves it when I show them off in skimpy outfits haha Definitely do some research on anxiety, and a bit of reading about controlling relationships and make the decision about your boobs that YOU want.
  5. As far as I can tell there are good reviews for both.. Glampalm advertises 'virtually no damage' and cloud nine did hhave some stuff saying they were faulty quite a bit... But there is far less about the glampalm out there... Confusing but I'd say they are pretty similar!
  6. I ended up giving in and ordering the glampalm iron and dryer.. Should arrive some time this morning will let you know how it goes.. It's suppose to cause almost no damage and doesn't require heat protectant but I dunno whether I believe that or not lol
  7. I like that Cloud 9 and Glampalm have the heat adjustments! hopefully wont just continue to fry my hair that way! Looking at the GlamPalm website i can get both the straightener + hair dryer for $355 with a coupon code.. hmmmm so tempted!!! early christmas pressie to myself? Before my GHD i had a wet-to-straight remington that i usually just used on dry hair .. never did as much damage as my GHD does.
  8. Hey Ladies, I am looking at getting a new hair straightener. My current GHD is just destroying my hair!! i have had it for about 3 years and got it since i was under the impression it was the best brand but i have never really liked it. Looks like the main competitors are Cloud 9, and GlamPalm. My hairdresser swears by Cloud 9 but there are a lot of negative reviews around about them being faulty and customer service being bad. GlamPalm seems to be new to AUS, and a lot of the reviews look like they might be fakes.. not to sure. Any one have any suggestions/experience/advice for me? Thanks
  9. Hey no worries! Will accept now x

  10. They are definitely way softer then when they were new - i think the major changes happened at the 3-month and 8-month marks. After the first few weeks the shape has barely changed - maybe softened out a little bit but nothing major. And i can feel the sides of the implants under my arms if I search for them - but that has to do with how big i went, not that they are brazilians!!
  11. Hey girls! Today is my boobies' 1 year birthday!! i looked at the date today and was really surprised - the last year has absolutely flown by and I could not be happier with my new additions. Sometimes i get a little bit of silly boobie-greed but they are a great size and i have no regrets. Just wanted to share the exciting news, and am happy to answer any questions that anyone has about what they are like 1 year on - for those who don't know me, my stats are in my signature but i have 435cc HP Brazilians. Will try and add new pics soon - i know they have been requested i just havent had access to a computer lately and i have been super busy (Lifting has taken over my life! haha). Will get onto that! xx Lozz
  12. I've got a comparison pic which shows the changes really well if you want to send me a fr
  13. No worries! I'll accept now :)

  14. No worries - accepted :)

  15. I'm doing stronglifts 5x5 (although my coach is putting me on a personalised program soon). So I do full body workouts 3 times a week - deadlifts and squats for lower body and then bench press, Overhead press and barbell rows.. All compound exercises which use loads of muscles. Plus any accessories I want to do. Squatting three times a week and deadlift information every second workout I spose has to show some results! Thanks everyone
  16. Just accepted your FR.. You should be able to see them now
  17. Thanks Not very heavy in the grand scheme of things, but heavy for me!! haha Weights are going up all the time - yay for newbie gains! I can currently squat about 55kg , 75kg deadlift and 35kg bench press - but testing again tomorrow for a virtual comp.
  18. In most cases you will have to send friend request to those people who's pictures you want to see as they are usually private and only viewable to friends. I suggest you browse the threads on TT and see if there is anyone with similar stats and then send them a FR and a message asking them if they mind you becoming friends so you can have a look.
  19. Yep WAYYY heavier - If you want to get an idea of the weight, then the cc of each implant is about equal to the same amount of grams. I think the excess weight of rice sizers often worries a lot of people as they feel much more awkward and in the way! So my implants are 435cc = close to 435g. A better indication of the weight would be to fill a bag with that amount of ml.
  20. I'm coming up on a year with Furries this October - i completely agree with Molros .. they are firm to start but they soften HEAPS. Way more then i ever thought they would (and my partner also noticed heaps of softening about the 8month mark). I have felt my ex sister in laws textured implants (2years old) and hers were no softer then mine in my opinion but i guess this will also depend on the person.
  21. Hey girls! I havent been very active on the forums lately as life has just gotten in the way!! but i am still reading a lot of your posts and responding to PMs I also need to put some new boobie photos up but that will have to wait until i have access to my computer at home. Yesterday i found a photo taken just before I started (and became addicted to) lifting weights (about 3 months ago). I was a little surprised to see how much my bum had changed from heavy squats and deadlifts in that short a time! So i took a new photo and I'm pretty proud of my progress so wanted to share!! I have uploaded the pic to my album. I started weight training to try and work on my body - but in the process i have found something I really love doing - doesnt hurt that my bf is also a powerlifter and is very enthusiastic about me lifting!! I have gotten a coach and am considering competing in a powerlifting comp at the end of the year, or next year which is a huge thing for me!! I also just wanted to share that I have come across many girls doing the same thing recently, and its true - Lifting heavy definitely doesnt make you bulky!! It means i can eat more, get that 'toned' look everyone seems to be after, and feel good about myself being strong!!! Since this is PSF I should also say that as of yet i havent had any problems with my boobs while lifting heavy. They still look exactly the same and they dont get in the way or feel funny when lifting. At the beginning it was clear that i had hardly any strength in my chest but that is improving and i am loving bench press now (cleared with my doctor of course!). I had worried that having unders would be a problem doing these types of activities but so far so good!! Anyway - feel free to check the pics out and hope everyone is going well!!! Lozz!
  22. Hey, no worries :) Accepted x

  23. Hey, No worries - accepted :) I dont have a lot of photos up now after losing them all in the forum crash but i am sure there is enough there to give you the idea! x

  24. Pretty sure that makes you a 6 band.. The website that i found the most correct was http://www.sophisticatedpair.com/bracalculator.htm - it gives US and UK sizes but you can work out the AU equivalent from that 28band (28inch) = 6band UK cup = AU cup
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