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    40cc (difference between 255 and 295) is about the equivalent of 2 tablespoons .. its not a huge difference. I think most people wish they had have gone bigger but there are a few who wished they had gone smaller. try not to get too hung up on CCs and listen to what your PS says as they generally have a better idea of what will get you to what you want. if he has suggested the 255 and 295 it is very unlikely that these will look too big.

    Also keep in mind that fake boobs tend to disappear under clothes! i would suggest trying the rice sizers a little more in a tight sports bra. the more you wear them the more you may get an idea of what you want!
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    Lozz68 got a reaction from mycosmeticjourney in Dr Ces Colagrande? Anyone had BA by him with Brazilian implants??   
    Yeah i agree with bec!

    His photos are very good, but it seems to me he has spend quite a lot of time on advertising and marketing and produced lots of photos of models!! Dont make your final decision just based on his before and afters, see what you think of him in the consultation and do as much research as you can a few months should be plenty of time for you to make some informed decisions.

    This is a great place to gets some real stories about the doctor but i do know of people on here who have had some less that satisfactory experiences and some that have had great experiences!

    As for Brazilian implants, i have heard that a lot of PS are starting to use Brazilian implants exclusively due to the lower risk of a number of complications. However as these implants 'velcro' onto your chest the surgeon needs to be very experienced using them as they do not move once placed! you just need to trust that your surgeon knows how to do this correctly

    Good luck
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    Lozz68 got a reaction from Minx in Dr Ces Colagrande? Anyone had BA by him with Brazilian implants??   
    I might actually be having a little giggle to myself about it as well!! haha
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