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  1. Do you know what days he operates at the valley? xx
  2. hi Hun. Do you know what days Richardson operates from the valley? Xx
  3. Hi Girls, does anyone know what days Dr Richardson does surgery at the valley? Thanks xx
  4. Great my bw is 12.5 so ill see what he has to recommend xx
  5. you look great JJ!!! what size and shape did you go? x
  6. so many things to think about I think once I've had my consult with Richardson i will definitely know my decision
  7. Thanks so much girls. Id love to follow your journey BA&Rhino xx
  8. Hi Im just new to this forum and waiting some advice/feedback. Ive had a consult with Dr Kim Harwood for my BA and thought i didn't really need to look any further until i started reading more into the Brazilian implants. So decided another opinion would be good and now have a consult with Dr Richardson in a few weeks. Ive heard all good things so looking forward to it. Im wanting a very natural look, about 360cc. Just wondering if anyone would like to share your story/before and afters... that would be amazing. Thanks so much xxx
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