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  1. I'm 2 weeks post op and they stay put. They look more bolted on when I lay down as well.
  2. Thanks Ladies! i hadn't seen anything about it written on the paperwork that my doctor gave me, and it completely slipped my mind to ask. I'll be going "dry" from this Saturday before my surgery on Tuesday, and I'll TRY to not overdo it!
  3. I was going to stop drinking before my BA, but I'm finding it hard due to the sheer amount of work/social functions that are on. My BA is next Tuesday. Would not drinking for at least 2 days before be ok?
  4. Thanks ladies! I'm a bit lazy but I'm definitely going to get myself into the habit. I've been moistruising on and off for the past fortnight, and my surgery is on May 3rd
  5. Hi Ladies. My surgeon had advised me to start moistruising my skin and chest area a month before my surgery to help prevent stretch marks. Did anyone do this? Did it help? Thanks
  6. There's no harm in getting a second opinion if you didn't feel comfortable. You're better of feeling 100% than feeling that you're not sure.
  7. Hi Alip6! I had my consult with Dr M on the 8th of Feb and I'm now booked in for May. I'm getting 390cc Anatomical HP dual plane implants. He's very big on the natural look and recommends 330-390cc a lot (from what I can tell). He's got a good bedside manner and he can answer all your questions. Do as much research as you can before your consult as well so you can ask good questions :-)
  8. So you met 3 plastic surgeons and decided on the cosmetic? What made you make that decision?
  9. I'm yet to have my BA but I've been recommended to have fat grafting in my cleavage area for the same reason. I'm by no means "skinny" (178cm and 68kg) but I have a wide chest and tuberous breasts. I'm also interested in hearing from ladies who have had this :-)
  10. All good ladies. I'm trying to explain to mum the dropping process and that model was my example of "what not to do (unless you're into that!)"
  11. Hey all, A few months ago I read a post that mentioned a model with boobs that she didn't let drop? What was her name? Random question ... I know! 😆
  12. I had my consult with Dr Miroshnik this morning. He was heaps nice! He told me that I've got grade 1 tuberous breasts, so the surgery isn't as straight forward as I had hoped. My nipples are also off centre, if I want to correct this I'd need to cut around the nipples and have a small lift on my left. I'm thinking of deciding against this as its not a massive difference and I don't want more scare. He needs to break up my breast tissue and put in a teardrop shaped implant. He may need to take fat from my stomach and do a fat graft as well because I don't have much tissue in my cleavage (I've got a 5-finger gap between my boobs). I'm really excited - going with 390cc. Hope it's not too small as I am 178cm tall and 68kg. Anyone on here with similar stats? Seems as though most girls on here at a similar height, are much lighter.
  13. Thanks for the advice ladies! @Minnie Mouse you're right with your point ... I just don't want to put them out at all. I guess tomorrow I'll find out definitively how much it'll all cost and I'll make my decision from there.
  14. Hi ladies! I've only saved up half the amount to get my boobs done (thought id go TCI, but ended up needing Dr M's expert hands) so I now need to finance half my augmentation. My parents have kindly offered to loan me the money, but I think borrowing ~$6k from them is quite hefty. Has anyone had experience with interest free credit cards or personal loans? Paying it back is no issue as it should only take 3ish months to make that money. I'm a bit up in the air as to what I should do...
  15. Wow.. The whole leather couch look is not really my cup of tea. I'm hoping my implants don't look like that. I think I'd decide to explant, however, I can't ever see myself being that thin. Let's be honest if I'm not that skinny now I don't think I'll ever be ha.
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