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  1. I am 7 weeks PO now and my back pain has subsided. Thanks for all your tips, in the end it was walking that eased the pain. Massages didn't help, and pain killers took the edge off, but I think just getting moving again was the key for me. Tim262, I found Dr Chans office fantastic for everything except follow up, I am in Perth, which makes things a bit harder I guess. However in saying this, I have Dr Chans mobile number and have contacted him on it a couple of times, he has always responded very quickly. I am not sure what his other procedures are like, but the BA has gone really well overall, especially now that my back pain has subsided. I would recommend him.
  2. Hi all I recently had a BA done with Dr Zion Chan, I am two weeks post op and am having quite a lot of back pain, has anyone else experienced this? It it is odd as my back hurts more than anything else! The op went well and my new assets look really good, I went 345cc so not huge, but a nice c-d size. I expected a bit of discomfort but wasn't expecting my back to be playing up so much, any feedback would be great. By the way anyone considering Dr Chan, my experience with him and his team has been great thus far. I would highly recommend him. Happy to to answer any questions if you are considering him as your surgeon.
  3. Hi Chuckles I am interstate and am unsure whether to go with Dr Chan, I can't find much on him, the only feedback is from 2 people who didn't use him. Can you please tell me more about your experience? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. Is there anyone out there that has actually used him?
  5. Hi all I have nosied around on this forum for quite a while, but am now getting serious about going to the next step and finally doing something about getting a boob job. Originally I was considering TCI, but after looking at some of the reviews I am too worried to go there. The next one on my list is DR Zion Chan, but I can't find much about him, Can you please give me some feedback - good and bad?
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