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  1. I think they look great and super natural!! She's a really good surgeon too!
  2. Mine are sub fascial and I think look really natural (too natural lol). I was faced with the same dilemma....he showed me pics of girls with a similar body to mine... A couple of dual plane and a couple of sub fascial. I preferred the sub fascial because there wasn't that gap in the middle...for myself, as I wasn't telling anyone I really wanted a natural cleavage and that's what I have. I'm 5 wks post op today ...will try and update some pictures later tonight
  3. I had mine done with Dr Kollias 4 wks ago....highly recommend. He does a great natural look
  4. I have teardrops..I'm only 3.5 weeks PO but they're pretty soft already. I felt a sample in my surgeons office at my consult and they were nice and squishy ...haven't felt rounds to compare tho.
  5. I'm just over 3 weeks PO and the bottom part of my boobs are still numb-ish.... Anyone else still got that?
  6. Thats terrible!! If its any consolation i still think they look great!
  7. I had drains.... in re to removal- one side was completely painless..the other was a bit ouchy but totally manageable. Only annoying thing was carting them to the toilet (which was a lot as I was also attached to a drip). I stayed in hospital overnight and they were removed the next afternoon by the nurse. Nothing at all to worry about.
  8. Me!! Well one of my boobs does..the other is 295 cc due to asymmetry. I had mine done on the 9th April
  9. Ive had very minimal pain also but day 3 would be the worst....and even now (nearly 3 wks) i find when i first wake im a little achy but it goes away once im up and about
  10. So my boobs are looking a little pointy today (im 13 days PO)..i hope this is just them settling in and im not stuck with this shape...does anyone know if its normal?
  11. 10-12 weeks!!!!? Nooooooooooooo
  12. Yeah @KittenLover ive had the stabby pains too.
  13. I've got my appt Tuesday...I'll discuss then I guess. But aaaaargh I hope this goes soon. I can deal with sensitive but this is a whole different level lol
  14. Hi girls, So I'm 12 days post op and have had a really good recovery...didn't have much pain at all but the last couple of days my boobs are SO sensitive I can't even wear a top or bra....even just fabric touching them is too much. I'm having to be home and topless and even then I can still feel them (it's not just the nipples it's all of it)...prior to this I was still numb so I guess I'm just getting the feeling back but can anyone please tell me when this might get better..it's so uncomfortable that I'd probably prefer the pain to be honest !
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