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  1. Yes I agree I told myself for the first year I am my harshest critic and it's not that bad. The PS also said that it's still a 'good result' but it's the pain and sensation that makes it unbearable. The visible scar is only on one side, it's like the breast doesn't drop down to cover it, the breast fold is higher, the scar is not on the breast it's underneath. Hard to explain ? Not raised or red at all though thankfully. Mostly they do look good in clothes, but again this one side sits so high up, it makes it seem unnatural as it's not the same as the other side, and has that very round prominent look, unlike the other side that drops/slopes nicely.
  2. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who's unhappy. One breast is practically perfect.... the other one is awful- looks different to the other, sits higher, unnaturally high profile, uncomfortable, scar is visible outside of bras/swim tops, hurts aches throbs pulls. Surgeon says can't do anything, it's my body and scar tissue and I'm at a loss at what to do. I'm now 18months post op.
  3. Yeah I don't know either... I'm willing to try anything really... any tips where I can find one? Or wanna sell me yours? Lol
  4. My left side is much fuller up the top and from certain angles it looks obviously fake. I've seen some surgeons give straps to go across the chest in the early stage post op. This wasn't the case for me, I'm now 9months post op and wondering if there's anything I can do to soften it up, up the top to make it relax a little and have a more natural drop? (Right one looks ?)
  5. I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me what my lefty is up to? Lefty just doesn't feel healed yet. No pain. Ultra sensitive. Feels unnatural. Just doesn't feel like 'me' yet, so to speak, righty totally feels healed and a part of me now. Does lefty just need to drop and fluff still? Looking at pic below I just feel like it's not natural looking like my right side is, hasn't dropped the same, can I still expect it to? Advice please ? I really want it to start feeling like me and look more natural. I am almost 9 months post op. (About a week off). Unders.
  6. I'm a dr Broadhurst girl. I'm 8.5 months post op and damn lefty just won't catch up to righty so I'm hoping once it settles then they'll be perfect.... Waiting waiting! Hoping they're not just slightly assymetrical... But here's my result so far. I felt comfortable with him, and all his team that I've dealt with. Feel free to ask any questions.
  7. How are you feeling now? Mumofthree? Hopefully the swelling has gone down by now! I remember the early days post op well and they were shocking for me. It's certainly a long process, just be patient ? I look forward to seeing more progress pics from you!
  8. Cuddlybear I love yours!!!! Amazingly natural Mine. 360cc unders.
  9. Now 8.5 months post op! Wish lefty would catch up to righty a bit! But I love them!!!! And love this thread! ?
  10. Great idea! I have post op bras to sell as well.
  11. Hey girls, I'm almost 8months Po, round unders. 360cc just wondering how much 'squishier' they'll get. Up the top is getting there, and feels nice and soft, but underneath they are still rock hard and I have little lower pole. To be honest I miss that bounce and jiggle of natural boobs... Don't get me wrong, nothing beats having beautiful full breasts and cleavage, but I want them to look more natural, rather then the 'bolt on' fake look that never move. I know 360 isn't a huge size or anything, but should I have gone smaller to achieve this? Or will they continue to soften & drop over time? Thoughts please xx
  12. Soo I've finally had a chance to take update pics! I'm 6 (and a half) months post op... Righty is beautifully soft and has dropped. Is it normal at this stage for lefty to be higher? I know they're slightly uneven and I have to let them heal separately in their own time, but wondering if anyone else's dropped at different times? Or if this is pretty much it now? Can I expect any changes in months to come? I know I keep asking the same thing over I'm just impatient and looking for reassurance as PS says they're done. Please cross your fingers for me that lefty will catch up to righty, then I'll be over the moon! ?? Thanks! ?
  13. Thanks girls! Hopefully you are right and will continue to d&f... They just look uneven to me... I'll keep patiently waiting ? And massaging ? Thanks for the support girls x
  14. Thanks girls... Like I said I really wasn't concerned about them as i thought they'd continue to change... He seemed to think it was fine that they are uneven and drop differently ☹️ I hope they do still soften and drop a lot more.... I will continue to massage and cross my fingers. Dont get me wrong they are a huge improvement to what they were, and do look great under bra/clothing.... Just rock hard and not the final result I was really hoping for.
  15. So I'm feeling pretty disheartened today as I had my 6 month post op appointment yesterday, had a few concerns as lefty still hasn't softened up as much as righty, more upper pole and much firmer.... Although righty is still rather firm too however looks far more natural. So only to be told by my PS that lefty will always have the upper pole as that's how my anatomy was pre op, nor will it soften any more then righty already has, and they will remain unsymmetrical because of my anatomy prior to op. (They weren't uneven pre op in my opinion)... So in my initial consult, I was told I would have great, natural looking results. I went into my appointment yesterday thinking I had lots of dropping and softening still to go, only to be told they won't change much from now... And they still look and feel rock hard, high on my chect, and lots of upper pole still on lefty, and just simply uneven ? Wanting to cry... Is he right? I thought they'd continue to change till around 12 months ? I was happy enough with them before my follow up yesterday as I thought they would continue to improve with time.... Or will they look ***** (fake) and uneven forever? ?
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