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  1. I went with Dr. Higgs. i had a great experience and super happy with my results. But it's up to you whether you go ps or Cs. I was happy going CS because nearly everyone I know with BA had them done through him!
  2. Thanks! I have 370cc unders. I love them!!!
  3. Im 370cc unders. i was a deflated C cup from breastfeeding 2 kiddies. Now I'm measuring 10E
  4. Bigger!!! First pic is 1 day post op and second pic is 11 weeks post op.
  5. I went with Parkside Cosmetic. $9k Absolutely LOVE THEM!
  6. Here are mine... day 1 PO and 11 weeks PO
  7. I started with a deflated D post breast feeding 2 kids so I had the tissue there.
  8. 6 months prior and I had to make sure there was no milk.
  9. so I'm 8 weeks PO and I know they'll change but I feel like my cleavage is really wide! My surgeon said with 370 unders I'll have great cleavage but I'm not seeing much yet. They softened heaps and have dropped a bit. When did everyone start seeing them move together? Did you have a gap like mine?
  10. Yep I feel very tense running now. I tense my shoulders to support my boobs.... I've tried relaxing but it's a force of habit to look after my boobs. I end up with a sore neck and headaches after each run.... But it's getting better!
  11. I've been running for the last 2 weeks. I'm now 8 weeks PO. i wear a tight Lorna Jane crop, no movement at all....
  12. Really depends on our overall recovery. I had a great recovery... By the 4th week was sleeping in my tummy, started running again at 6 weeks, was back looking after my 2 young kids after 4 days. 7 weeks and I've starting swimming again.... Sometimes I feel a sharp pull but have no problems. I was allowed back in the water 4 weeks post op as my in signs were healing well. Just play it by ear, don't over do it if you feel shitty.
  13. 7 weeks PO. Off to the pool. Still feel like they're quite wide....
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