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  1. I went through Cosmeditour Gold Coast but really once you pay you pretty much deal with the Breast Academy direct for anything to do with your procedure/appointments. But couldn't fault either of them & day of procedure all the nurses were all so lovely and calming and both have followed up numerous times and am now nearly 2 months post op. I had Dr Theo (Harvard Uni trained) who was amazing but has gone back to the US now but still emails me direct to see how I'm doing and to contact him anytime if I feel something is not right.(also called me on my mobile pre op and 2 days post op to check on me) In saying that mine was a straight forward breast aug no lift although I did have at asymmetry pre op and turned out exactly how it was described in consultations and love them. No regrets go for it!
  2. Not the best before and after pic but I got 295cc and 335cc under muscle. I'm 58kg and 162cm and now 6.5 wks post op
  3. Yes I'm so bored of training legs so I better have grown a booty by the end of this haha. I am so sore everyday
  4. I have 1 week to go before I can exercise whole body without restrictions. Hoorah! The last 2 weeks I have only done cardio and lower body training daily using resistance & kinetic bands & weights such as leg press, leg extensions etc. So I am looking forward to getting my upper body strength back and was wondering how everyone eased into it? Did you do resume all upper body exercises (including overhead presses)? How about deadlifts? Did you just start off with really low weights? Would love to know!
  5. @prue i'm 3.5 wks post op and feel pretty good. I've been back at the gym for a week now (just doing cardio and leg training using resistance bands) but nipples are still a bit numb but other than that I'm doing well. Even spend a whole day here and there out of compression bra and in other (wireless) bras to suit the top I'm wearing but I wouldn't stress everyone recovers differently & has different type of procedures & unless you get surgeries like this a lot you wouldn't know how your body is going to react.
  6. I went through Cosmeditour on the Gold Coast and everyone was super helpful & couldn't fault my experience. Post op I've had multiple follow up calls/emails from Cosmeditour/Breast Academy (where surgery was held) and also surgeon himself. So if the international team are like this you will have a good experience and also extremely happy with my new boobs ☺️
  7. how exciting ☺️ I'm excited that I can finally get back into training (lower body)
  8. From Day 3 I gradually took less pain meds and Day 6 I was taking none. I also drove for the first time Day 6
  9. Thank you! I am so happy with them and was worried about the size being too small or big and they are perfect @MissyHu
  10. Hey Hun, I just posted a pic in the boob selfie thread and I'm 295cc and 335cc
  11. For me my surgeon said light exercise walking etc at 2 weeks, then 3-6 wks I can gradually resume normal exercise but still avoiding upper body till 6-8 wk mark (at my 6 week check up I'll know if I can resume upper body). I'm currently at 1.5 wks post op
  12. Oops I was at 120 ( according to the treadmill) and that was at slow speed no incline not sure how much slower I can go on it. Might try the bike instead. Thanks everyone!
  13. I'm just starting to ease my way back into exercise with light cardio and when they say 'don't raise your heart rate' does anyone know what a safe heart level rate is?
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