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  1. My hunchiness (or as my 7yo says, my grandma walk) stopped today! I can walk a lot better. Am still going to take it easy today and over the weekend. Monday is when I go to Sydney for post-op. If I'm feeling better by then, wouldn't mind doing a bit of shopping since I'm going all that way. Can recite the TV guide by heart today. LOL. Have never watched so much TV in my life.
  2. How do you feel around your belly? Is it still tender? I still have the bandages on but it just feels so weird. And I know, the bruising will go - it just looks so gross ha ha. That's fantastic - just don't overdo it because you feel good, and that will set you back (I made that mistake)
  3. I bought two carefix celia bras (seammfree recovery bras) in a medium. Not expensive at all, hope they are ok!
  4. That sounds cheap already - I used to pay $200+, new hardresser charges me $90 (hair mid length). Could you maybe colour your own hair and then go to hairdresser for cut/style? That might save some cash.
  5. Good luck ladies!!! For the first time, I just had a good look at myself in the mirror. I am SO BRUISED from the tummy tuck/lipo bit. Am dying to have a proper shower. Monday is my first post-op doctor visit and then after that, I have steristrips that dissolve on my wounds (and I can shower properly). Am starting to get bored at home now - don't know that I could do this every day.
  6. Sure is - so much support and reassurance/guidance xx
  7. My trip home was an hour and a half and it was actually ok. I had so much padding on the boobs that it didn't bother me going over small humps etc.
  8. I'm a week post op today and feel good. I went out to get a coffee today as I felt very house-bound and bored. I think as long as you take it pretty easy during the day, get good night sleep and as someone else said, don't bump into anyone (ouch!) you should be ok by then!
  9. Good question and have been wondering this myself. Have just had a reduction from a DD to a C and I'm sure people will notice (opposite problem to yours!) . I'm not back at work until late January so it's not too bad - was just going to act dumb and say 'I've lost some weight and it came off my boobs'.
  10. I just told my younger kids (age 11, 10 and 8) that I was going to hospital to get something fixed but that I wasn't sick. I told my 19 year old daughter the truth - her response was beautiful (I deserve to do this after having 4 kids). I just got home today and my 11 year old noticed my bruising though (oops) - she looked worried but I said not to worry.
  11. Hi everyone - wow you girls have been busy posting! I got home today, 5 days post-op. My abdominoplasty drains were taken out today, my breast drains 3 days post-op. That is the worst feeling ever, feels yuck. Also had my belly button stitches removed today. My next appointment is Monday to get dressings removed. I have just taken my compression suit off to give it a wash as I felt really smelly; I have to wear it 23 hours a day for the next 2 weeks, then 12 hours a day after that. I am feeling ok overall to be honest. I'm able to walk around ok (but still very hunched over). Will spend the rest of the week taking it pretty easy. Hope you are all well - going to go back now and catch up on everyone! I am too woozy to take photos of myself. I am very bruised from the lipo
  12. Hello ladies! Well I'm done! 3 days post-op today. Still a bit uncomfortable and still in compression suit. Was very sick and nauseous on day 1 (threw up-yuck) and very groggy. Day 2 was a bit better, walked up the hall and sat on chair for a couple of hours. My boobs look so good, can't really see anything else. Going to have shower soon so will get to have a look. Tummy tuck definitely causing more pain than the boobs ?
  13. Good luck!!!! Will be thinking of you! x
  14. Getting it done in Sydney (not o/s) with Dr Hunt!
  15. Half your luck. I'm not due in till 1:45 - surgery at 3! Waiting, waiting!! I am lol
  16. Good luck - what time are you going in? You excited??
  17. I slept well. Am having my last coffee because I can't eat or drink after 7am. Excited more than nervous. Hotel has given me extended checkout for free (think they could sense my nerves) so I'm just going to hang out and relax. Also going to take some before photos
  18. Tomorrow is the big day - hope I can sleep tonight
  19. I think the only real way to revise scars that have not healed properly is to have them re-done. My c-section scar after my son was awful (it didn't heal properly) but this was remedied after I had my daughter. No amount of laser fixed it. Someone else might have different suggestions though.
  20. I have been told to get there an hour prior to my surgery time.
  21. Can you believe it's our turn elle-cee!! I have checked into my hotel and my surgery is at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. I am just going to relax and watch tv tonight - hopefully I will sleep. I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep - I think that was when it hit me that this is actually happening.
  22. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone who has had their surgery can suggest what I should go and buy to wear for the few days after surgery (I'm having TT and BR in 2 days so am covering two areas!) I know that I will be bloated and bandaged most likely, but as I've not told anyone what I'm having done, it needs to cover me up Thank you!
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