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  1. Yes mine are the same. I wondered if it was the implants or if I've just never noticed before but have now because I'm more aware of my boobs iykwim
  2. I'm 165cm, usually around 57kg (I've just put on 3kg recently urghhhh lol). I was 10aaaaa to start with I got 360cc, they look like normal sized boobs. I would have liked bigger but surgeon said with what I was starting with any bigger would have just looked big round and fake (not the look I was after. ) so although I think they are on the small side I am happy with the look of them iykwim? They measure 10d. There are so many different factors to consider. If you want to look at pics just send me a friend request. Although I don't think my pictures really do them justice
  3. Is it normal to still be getting pain at 3 months? It's along the outside edges of both implants. It's worse when I don't wear a bra. I was able to go braless at night for a while (surgeon said I could) but I'm back to having to wear a bra/crop all day and night. i have noticed I can push my boobs together more now, could it just be that everything is stretching more at the moment?
  4. Thanks I've already had my BA done, (through Dr Broadhurst at TBI) I was just asking out of curiosity. I found the other thread about dr birch, kind of wish I'd waited for him if he's as dreamy as everyone says :-D good luck with your surgery, I'm really happy with mine, 3 months PO now
  5. Is Theo Birch doing all the surgery at The Breast Institute now?
  6. I am almost 3months PO. I still can't do a push up. Burpees I can do but very slowly. Still can't do a pull up or even a toe to bar. I've been doing ring dips, push press .... I think that's about all I can do at the moment
  7. It's a great Feeling isn't it! I got 360 round unders, I went from a 10aaaaaa and bought my first bras in 10d on Friday
  8. I had tape for 2 weeks then nothing else. I'm 7 weeks now and have just started using bio oil. Not because I think it will do mych, just because I have it. My scars looked puffy for a week or two but are now nice and flat and only a little pink. I agree with rattlie that time is the best healer.
  9. I took a strapless dress and just pulled it up, too easy
  10. Halo the breast institute only do implants so you won't be able to go there if you need a lift. I had mine done just before Xmas with dr broadhurst
  11. I know you said Gold Coast but I went to the breast institute in brisbane for $6500. They are plastic surgeons
  12. I had Dr Broadhurst through tbi, I highly recommend him, love my new boobs, the whole experience has been really easy (except all my freak outs about size, how they'll look lol)
  13. I was told the same by cosmeditour at the Gold Coast. I got rounds 4 weeks ago buy dr broadhurst and love them. I went for another consult with a cosmetic surgeon and he said rounds too. Ive heard of someone else being recommend teardrops by cosmeditour also, but getting rounds from a different dr. Maybe the cosmeditour drs just prefer to use anatomicals?? but maybe they are what's best for you? Go to see a few more surgeons and see what they recommend or ask cosmeditour why they think they are best for you?
  14. My left one feels different too. It's always been a bit more swollen and given me more pain than the other. hope you can get an appt soon and find out what's going on
  15. I was told 12 weeks too, so hard being at the coast last week when everyone was swimming and I was just standing in the water trying not to get splashed lol
  16. I don't know about the surfing but my surgeon said no swimming at all for 3 months he's pretty relaxed about everything else so I was surprised it was so long for swimming. I'm assuming it's to avoid infection
  17. I had dr broadhurst through the breast institute 3 weeks ago I would highly recommend him
  18. I am 23 days PO today and feel pretty much back to normal. I was still feeling weak and useless at 2 weeks, but really seemed to improve about 2.5 weeks, so that was only last week
  19. Part of me thinks ewwww the other part wants to high five her and say 'you go girlfriend'
  20. Worth every cent! I've wanted a boob job since I was teenager and I realised my own boobs weren't going to get any bigger. I finally did it at 35. Love them. It always seemed such a big thing to get them done, but now I've done it it doesn't seem like a major thing at all, it's all been so easy
  21. I have 5 kids and had my BA 3 weeks ago so I've had 5 kidsat home. Our youngest are 3yo twins. We have an au pair but she's a bit lazy so not been much help with any housework. After the first week i was doing most things myself. Washing goes in the dryer or on clothes airer. Change sheets day before surgery so you don't need to worry about that for a week or two. I think I cooked dinner on day 5 myself. The only thing I had trouble with was doing the floors, but I'm fine with that now. I reckon you'll be fine :)
  22. I'm 2.5 weeks post op and pain is pretty good now, but I'm still really weak and find I can't use my arms like I did before yet. Even things like opening a jar are still hard. And I used to go to gym regularly so I was never weak to start with.
  23. Both mine are numb from the nipple down. I'm glad i'd read that this was normal before my surgery or I'd be freaking out. I think they are slowly getting some feeling back
  24. I had dr Broadhurst through TBI and agree with everything you said. I couldn't be happier with my results. I have also not put anything on my scars and I can see them improving every day on their own. I feel so lucky to have got such a great surgeon at a fantastic price.
  25. I've been using a clothes airer in the laundry I still can't reach up above my head
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