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    Dr Harwood 9th august 2012
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    166cm and 62kgs deflated 10B

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  1. Ok girls time to post my Post op story! I am 10 days post op had my BA with dr Kim Harwood on 9th august he was amaaaaazing by the way. I got 435HP round brazilains(last minute choice i had 380HP booked but got dr to order bigger ones just incase I got boobie greed last minute which I did lol) Glad I did get the bigger ones as I was hoping for a D/DD and so far I am a big D. I went in for my op at 1.00 and was out about 3.30 and at chermside shopping centre at 5.30 lol! I was starving and we had a drive to the sunshine coast whcih the traffic was bad for so we stopped for food and some shopping (i dont really remember much of it). felt great after op especially after I had a cup of coffee, jelly beans and bikkies( i was famished) no nausea and no pain or discomfort hence why i hit the shops. I did wake up at the end of op and they were still stitching me but felt nothing. That night I slept like a trooper after I finally fell asleep around 1am. Slept on the lounge propped up with lots of pillows didnt wake for pain killers until 9am when i woke to my boobs full and throbbing (kinda like when your milk first comes in breastfeeding) the pain was manageable but still took mersyndol anyways.slept great night 2 with the help of sleeping tablets and pain killers woke with a bit of numb bum from sleeping upright pain tolerable nothing too bad, slept pretty much the whole of day 2 and 3 away apart from a walk down the beach day 3. No pain killers or valium after day 3 the valium was making me so drugged out and high and made me feel weird and the worst pain after day 3 was the morning boob and not being able to get out of bed without looking like an invalid lol! day 4 I drove and from day 3 I got out of the house and went on walks, out to lunch, out to brekky and felt fine still high from the drugs but pain tolerable and just felt like full tight breast feeding boobs and the frozen peas helped heaps, anytime I felt uncomfortable i just put the peas on until day 3. I did have a bit of pain in my right breast as that muscle was tighter and the implant was a much tighter fit ( and it still is a bit smaller than my other boob due to the muscle tightness but will loosen up apparently) day 3 started to do little things around the house wash up shower and dress my lil boy etc as my husband flew back out to work day 5 so had to know whether I could do things on my own with limited movements. I didnt get much bruising (only between my clevage and on my ribs a bit but it was minimal but I did start taking arnica tablets as soon as I got home post op so maybe this helped. Considering the size I went I was expecting a lot more pain but my pain threshold is pretty high (i left the hospital and went home 3 hours after birthing my son if you need an example of my pain threshold lol!). My incisions are probably the most uncomfortable and irritating thing especially when they rub on your crops/bras (mine are a bit swollen still:() DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT CAN FIX THIS????. I also find my boobs of a late afternoon start to tighten and feel full and the insisions hurt but thats probably it from my pain point of view 10 days post op. and the tight muscle in my top right boob sometimes it feels like a pulled muscle and cramps a bit but heat packs have helped. And my back and shoulders are a bit sore from not being able to starighten my back for days due to tightness of boobs and from sleeping upright (which I still am as I find sleeping on my side and back so far still really uncomfortable think i might go for a neck and shoulder massage tom for it to help. I did have this problem before BA but and also always a tight chest. I am heading back to the gym as of tomorrow to start back working out doing rpm, squats lunges and other leg work. Dr harwood said I was fine to do that from day 8 when I went for my checkup just no upper body workouts or ab workouts or full impact cardio for me yet bummer . I work as a bootcamp instructor and am heading back to work at the end of the week aswell (cross fingers all will go well there bit nervous about all the looks I will get with my new big assets) But I must say i was expecting everything to be a lot worst than it has been i am happy with the way they are progressing and in the time frame they have, I am a bit upset that it takes so long for them to settle and soften and come in and not look so stuck on but thats just my impatientness coming out ha ha. Hopefully when my husband is home from work in 2 weeks they will look a bit more normal. so far so good! Good luck to all the girls who's BA are coming up. And those who have had it done recently welcome to the boobie club lol!
  2. OMG im booked in for today! my surgery day has come so quick im so excited.My surgery is at 12.15 today! so already fasting and getting organised for my road trip to bris for it all to happen! Let you know how I go gals! I actually ordered the next size up aswell as I got booby greed at last minute (435cc HP Round Brazilian). So having them measured up before surgery to see if they will fit if not guess Ill just have to stick to the 380 cc which will hopefully give me a big D from my current B cup. Only time will tell and not much of that left. yey!
  3. Hi Tia, Ive been to a couple of places one in Brisbane Reveal cosmetics on queen st which were great I got botox there and lip filler. But locally ( as i live on the sunny coast) I now go to Noosa Medical, Cosmetic & Specialist Centre they are great. I also heard cozmedics at cotton tree great too but haven't been there. Good luck!
  4. thank god I found this forum i have found it to be so helpful and wouldn't have even known about Dr harwood if I hadn't found this forum. I had my first consult with Dr fleming, second with another dr on the sunshine coast and my third with dr Harwood and Im so glad I did as he was amazing, he was so thorough and made you feel so relaxed. I was so happy and felt so comfortable with him that I booked straight away (in 3 weeks time) no waiting for this chicky! I have chosen a 380cc round brazilian and currently I am a defaulted b and hoping to be a big D I would luv to go bigger but I have a pretty active lifestyle with lots of gym and running so didn't want to go too big .So now the wait begins glad I don't have too long. I was suppose to have another consult as well with dr mason but its not until the middle of august but it looks like I will have my boobies with dr harwood by then so will have to cancel it which is a bummer as he was the only consult i had to pay money for and i loose it upon cancelation:( oh well. I am very happy i have chosen dr harwood. Ill let you know how i go!
  5. Awesome post. yes I am so happy to have found this forum I would have gone with my first consult without reading about all the other brisbane based drs that do brazillian implants which I found out from on here. I have my consult with dr harwood next week and I am excited. How long is the wait do you know from having your wives consult to being able to book in and have them done. If I'm happy with dr harwood next week (which Im sure I will be hearing all the good things on here) I want to get them done asap (i would get them done in the next couple of days after if I could lol). Good luck to your wife! and good to see a guy on here giving great advice. Thanks
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