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  1. Looking to get tuberous breasts corrected by Dr Doyle next year. Has anyone had this done? and thoughts him ?
  2. Hey P.xo I've also recently started looking into this and its a bit nerve racking even going to a consult. I would recommend fist of going in for a free consultation with an advice before a surgeon . This will give you an idea of what happens on the day, what size, risks, outcomes ect. Because its free it gives you a good starting point before dishing out $$$ . I fist saw Pamela Noon ( I've since been put off her) and most recently saw Dr Doyles team at the John Flynn hospital . They didn't make me feel like i had to book with him or pressure me into anything, they took some photos and went th
  3. Hi Guys! Im very new to this whole thing and i just want to get the best advice. Im located on the Gold coast and looking to get my asymmetrical tuberous breasts fixed, i don't mind traveling interstate i just want to see the best surgeon. Please tell me about your good and bad experiences and the best places to go ! Thank you
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