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  1. I'm 21 and I am 2 years post op. I had my surgery in Thailand and it was a breast life and augmentation with Dr. Pornthep. I remember him asking me if I had bread fed before, as my breasts were evidently empty and I was majorly lacking any skin elasticity. I am so so so happy with my results, however I am absolutely terrified of any re-sag. I know it's not the end of the world but I really want to prolong my results, however my surgeon said there's a chance I'll need a revision sooner rather than later (still get around the 8 year mark, just see how we go). I've been working so
  2. Okay hear me out. I am 20 years old and required a breast lift and augmentation. I've been wearing a proper bra since I was 11 and by the time I was 18 my boobs were down to my knees. My surgeon kindly asked if I had ever breast fed at my consultation. I have been doing research into whether it's best to go braless versus wire versus bralette to prevent re sagging. I have read plenty of articles about how going braless or without wire helps to strengthen your natural breast muscles and prevents re sag. So basically, I'm coming up to six months and I am confused what type of ev
  3. I went Thailand and honestly would do it again in a heartbeat. I am so happy with the results and was treated like royalty in the hospital. I also saved myself over 7grand by opting for Thailand versus Aus.
  4. That's what I thought but I'm so confused and have contacted my surgeon ! I'm only 20 and required a lift due to significant sagging from weight fluctuation. I wore a bra religiously from age 12 and still needed surgery so have been researching into whether going brakes strengthens the breast muscles as opposed to them weakening as they rely on wire. I am still going to continue with my crop wearing to bed etc but just feel so confused and disheartened. Stretch marks blow!
  5. Hi all i am four months Po and everything is great, however I usually wear a wireless bra to work but once a week will wear wire. Today after wearing my wire, I got home and noticed two huge and deep stretch marks on the under curve of each boob. Im not sure whether to wear wire free and bralettes on a regular basis for comfort but to also strength breast muscles to prevent sag (I had a lift as well). Am confused if the wire bra did this. Any advice on what you ladies wear on s regular basis particularly after a lift and implants. Am terrified of the re sag and an tryib
  6. I have been living in my post op bra for the past six weeks and intend to continue when I'm sleeping but was wondering what all you ladies wear now? Am needing help Ps: i had a lift and am terrified of re sagging so anything with support would be great
  7. Yes I'm really really worried do you think waiting two days will be okay? I'm freaking out and my horrid boss won't grant me the time off ?
  8. Yes I have contacted my surgeon and he said to get the stitches removed by my local GP. I am overseas at the moment so am going to just go to a hospital in two days and get them to remove it. I am super upset as I feel I've had nothing but issues this whole healing process ahhhh my implants are under the muscle. After the post op bra period was finished I was going to wear these and wireless t shirt bras
  9. Hi ladies im five weeks post op and abojt two weeks ago one of my incision points opened and won't close. I can see the internal stitches lining the outside of the wound, as if it's not letting the wound close. I got surgery overseas and am still travelling so went to an overseas hospital and they said it will close but gave my antibiotics. I then contacted my surgeon and he said to see a gp to get the internal stitches removed. Has anyone else experienced this. Sorry for gross photos. ALSO I got a lift as well and am terrified of re sagging. I'm on my feet
  10. Hi all am two weeks po and my stretch marks are super obvious i know this is normal and few of them are from before surgery because I had breast ptosis but does anyone know any killer effective rememdies? ive tried Rosehip oil and vitamin E what have you found to be more effective?
  11. Hey I'm currently in thailand just 8 days po had a breast lift and implants at bangpakok9 with pornthep cannot fault the hospital or my surgeon and my boobs look amazing !! Seriously more than what I expected they could've turned out to be!
  12. Hi all im 8 days post op and am so please with the results however my left boob is playing up! My right has recovered from pretty much all pain but my left is still painful, I can physically feel the implant more obviously and sometimes there's a sharp pain when I breathe in. I know I'm probably overthinking it but does this sound normal? I am getting my stitches out in two days so will ask my surgeon then but just curious if anyone else has experienced this? i think I am definitely going through the aftermath blues :(, where I slightly regret because not having full mobi
  13. Ladies I need to have a rant I was due to fly out in two hours to Bangkok to have my surgery tomorrow and I have just come down with a staph infection on my chest (OF ALL THE PLACES !!). Obviously this means antibiotics and a risk of further infection in surgery so have had to postpone for my safety. Am feeling so so sad and disappointed ! Hope everyone getting surgery this month has more luck!
  14. Hi ladies after your PO bra, what was the first bra you went into? Just supportive sports bras, wire bras or wire free bras? Will be travelling and want to stock up on one or two thanks
  15. hi ladies Im due to get my BA and BL in oct with dr Pornthep at Bangpakok9, just wondering if it is the norm to take out insurance when having a surgery like this overseas? What did you all do?
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