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  1. I have just paid my deposit for dr pornthep in bangkok, & was told i would only be able to get upto 300cc with my lift as the extra weight could open up the incesions, but seeing you ladys are getting bigger CCs im curious if this is a myth and seek bigger or listen to his advice.
  2. I will be having a breast lift & implants in bangkok late next year, and would just like to know what the recovery is like after & how long it took other to be out and about exploring.. any information would be great help.
  3. I have been told my surgeon does not like to use implants over 300cc as the weight can cause wound separation i would like a bit bigger but guess i will have to wait until a face to face meeting.
  4. oh that makes me feel a lot better, as im saving i dont want get there and not have enough for it all. What is BWD? Iv never heard of it.
  5. Hi jdm, i have also been quoted from cosmeditour they have stood out to me from the other companies. & im also going thru Dr pornthep but not until the end of November 2016 im yet to pay my deposit. What is the surgery guarantee? & what surgery are you getting?
  6. I have been quoted approximately $9000 for a breast lift & augmentation in bangkok, im a little worried when i get over there the surgeon will tell me a different price. People who have had surgery overseas was it the price you had been quoted if not was it out by much?
  7. I haven't had surgery yet myself, but i have been told dry shampoo.
  8. Thank you for your help, im new to this & not sure how to search companies on here?
  9. Iam looking at traveling to pattaya or phuket in late 2016 for a breast lift & augmentation, is it worth booking with a company or just booking direct thru the hospital? Any feedback is appreciated thanks😊
  10. Could i please have the email address you used to speak to the hospital? Also I cannot see any other photos.. I am looking at traveling sometime next year but very nervous about the end result.
  11. they look amazing, how did you go about booking everything yourself? & if you dont mind could i please see a recent photo of them?
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