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    360CC HP round silicone implants placed at dual plane.
    Was borderline full lift, but had two surgeons recommend the HP implants and donut lift to avoid excessive scars at a young age + before children.
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    Dr Ian Chinsee - 30th of September 2016
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    168cm, 65kilos. Gone from a 12B to a 12DD
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  1. I went with Australia Cosmetics clinic and had a wonderful experience. It can be hard to know where to go and frustrating that there's not always information available, but my experience with the team has been nothing short of great. I've had friends go through with them since my own surgery, and my mum who had previously had her breasts done as well was super impressed with the professionalism of the team. Honestly I think there's just a lot of factors at work- people can have a bad experience with anyone, but for me- Australia cosmetics clinic was my final choice. I'd looked at various other options given I was after a BA/mini BL and while my initial surgeon was meant to be Dr Rizk, at the time he was no longer going to be doing surgeries in Brisbane so I ended up with a few choices and went with add Ian Chinsee in the end. I've seen a lot of discussion on here about ACC and in particular my own surgeon, and so even though I feel a little spammy, I can't reiterate enough that they were honestly amazing to go through. I had an excellent recovery, and when I had a scare where I thought I had double bubble, the team worked with me and put me at ease and low behold- the problem solved itself with time. The team never made me feel bad for having so many questions or concerns and were always happy to explain to me any answers in depth. I think at the end of the day you have to go with what's right for you- it can be scary to go with someone or a team you haven't heard much about, but I stand by a lot of the time it's hard for people to establish a presence compared to more well known surgeons and especially when a lot of people who are opting for surgery and going with these people aren't posting on forums. Speaking from my own experience, I was so happy with my result once my weird line disappeared that I didn't feel the need to come back on here - I was in love with my new boobs, and the only reason I've revisited the forum is because I'm about to go for a revision for CC in one breast which can happen to anyone and wanted to see others experiences with revision. Trust your instinct- my surgery was about 8k, which included my donut lift on both sides alongside everything else and I've never once regretted the decision. I felt more confident with ACC and my surgeon then I had with more well known and established clinics and surgeons, so at the end of the day it comes down to what you feel is best for you xx
  2. I don't have any recent pictures, but I went with Dr Chinese last September for my implants and for a mini lift and I don't regret the decision at all. I've since had two friends go with him as well and they loved him! I'll be going with him again in late August for a revision due to one implant getting CC, but that's something that can happen with any surgeon and he's been incredibly kind and supportive about it and made sure to put me at ease. I think he's a great choice! Dr Chinsee is incredibly friendly and out of all the surgeons I saw, he definitely made me feel the most confident and comfortable with my decision.
  3. @Jmm84, Dr Chinsee did my BA/BL last september and I've loved the results. Unfortunately I've developed CC on one side, so he'll be doing my revision for that towards the end of August - but he's very understanding and easy to talk to. If there's any major, major concerns I'd definitely advise talking to him as he's always gone above and beyond to put my mind at ease.
  4. I went with Dr Chinsee @Curiousboobs for a BA/BL- he's been absolutely wonderful. I'm due to go to him for revision for CC next month, and I feel very confident with him as my surgeon. I have my own worries about CC, but they're almost entirely out of his hands. I find Dr Chinsee to be incredibly friendly and approachable, and I was often messaging him about every little concern during my recovery and he was always patient and understanding - he continued to put me at ease no matter how silly the question.
  5. I went with Dr Chinsee and he's been nothing short of amazing! Honestly, I found going through him a great experience and have recommended him to my friends who've gone for surgery as well. I've had 2 girlfriends chose to go with him since seeing my results, and they've been over the moon with their experiences as well. I find Dr Chinsee really personable and easy to talk to - he was always available for me to ask questions, and has always gone above and beyond to comfort me about any worries. I'll be going for a revision with him for CC in the next few months and he's been lovely about keeping the cost as low as possible for me given it's a huge stressor right now.
  6. Hi guys! Sorry if I've thrown this into the wrong area, it's been forever since I was last on here and I'm not nearly as familiar with the forums as what I used to be. Anyway! September 30th last year, I went for my first BA/BL. I went through the Australian Cosmetics Clinic and had a wonderful experience - my Dr has been supportive the whole way through, and we're still having our follow up meetings. Unfortunately though, it appears that I've developed CC early on in one side of the breast. It took a little while for the Dr and I to be confident with it, given my left implant has always sat higher, but now that I'm at the 9/10 month mark, it's become clearly evident that it's CC at about grade 2/borderline 3 and we're looking at revision. Now my biggest thing is with the revision, I have a lot of nerves about the CC reoccurring. I'm 22 and only just finished studying last year, so financially I'm not in a position to just keep correcting every time something goes wrong. However, my family are contributing to the revision this time around should I chose to go through with it, and I guess because of that I'm even more weary about the revision because I don't want them to waste money if there's a high chance of the CC redeveloping. It was naive of me to think, but when I got them done the first time I assumed CC would happen further on then what it had. I'd figured that if I got CC, I'd wait it out until after kids (which would be around anywhere between 25-29 from what my partner and I are planning), and then just swap them out and get a full lift once I was done. So far the game plan with my surgeon is that because the CC is starting to cause discomfort when I sleep/when wearing an underwire bra and is making the annoying clicking noise when I move it, that we'll do a revision ASAP because it seems to be very slowly worsening. (They actually wanted me in on the 1st of August, but I've organised for a bit later of a date so I can work my way through all the thoughts regarding the surgery) The actual appearance of the breast with CC isn't awful - there's a narrowing at the bottom of the breast where you can see the capsule has contracted and my surgeon is pretty confident that the constriction is limited to the bottom half of my implant. As I mentioned, it's always ridden a little high - but I'm left handed and apparently have pretty fierce pec muscles on that side, so that doesn't bother me too much. But anyway! So appearance wise, it's not the worse- I definitely prefer my non CC side, but things could definitely look freakier. The revision is primarily looking at reliving the symptoms of the CC, and so far my surgeon has outlined the following plan- we'll basically be taking out the old implant, crack the capsule, sanitize the old implant and put it back in. I was curious if anyone would have advice about whether reusing the old implant is the wisest decision, and if there's a HUGE difference in the chances of reoccurring CC if we use the old implant over a new one? Part of the decision to reuse the old one is because my surgeon wants to keep costs down for me, which I appreciate, but I just want to know if there'd be a huge change in the percent of CC happening again. He's already waived the surgeon fee, and he's organized to have the GA bulk billed for me this time around, so I'll basically just be paying the hospital fee for the revision which is a huge relief on my part, but with having family help out with the cost side of things, I just want to make sure I'm minimizing the risk of the CC coming back as well. When I spoke to my surgeon about my concerns, he said that there's a slightly higher risk with reusing the old implant, but I unfortunately didn't think to ask for a number. We'll be creating a new incision site given I had a donut lift when I got my implants the first time, and rather then going through the nipple again, we'll be doing an underbust entry point, which I'm hoping would help minimize chances of CC as well given to me it seems likely there's more chance of bacterial shenanigans going through the nipple. Super sorry for the huge wall of text, but I haven't really had the chance to talk this out with anyone and I'd greatly appreciate some insight! For anyone who's had CC revision, I'd love to know whether you got a new set without upsizing the actual implants, or if you reused the old? I know CC can be a hard thing to pin down, and my surgeon has reiterated that it could reoccur within the same time frame as I got it the first time, or it could happen further down the track.
  7. @LaurenT if you don't mind me asking, what size/cup size are you? I own the size 12 and it fits fairly well- it's just that the straps are a little loose, but that seems to be my build more then anything. I feel like a 10 just wouldn't fit over the girls though haha!
  8. Hi ladies! As the title suggests, I'm after some advice regarding what to sleep in! My surgeon has suggested that I continue to wear something relatively supportive while sleeping rather then just going without, and I'm currently rummaging through the collection of sports bras/crop tops I purchased pre surgery (this was before I was told to just stay in my given to me post op bra haha) to see if there's any decent contenders. My biggest problem I'm having is that I can't tell what's really supportive and what's not due to being so, so used to my post op bra now! I'm currently sized at a 10E, and my recovery post op bra was a 12B, so I'm assuming that continue wear of that could be potentially bad as I find I end up with really tight back muscles after a night of sleeping in it. However, the crop tops and sports bras have me a little confused. (I got a bunch of these bras in size 12 (http://www.kmart.com.au/product/seamfree-wirefree-crop-top/907902 and then one of these in a size 14 which is what I'm currently wearing to bed as it has adjustable straps http://www.kmart.com.au/product/seamfree-racer-crop-top/938768. I also have this http://www.bestandless.com.au/Womens-Clothing/Underwear-%26-Lingerie/Bras/Sports-Bras/ELITE-ZIP-SPACE-DYE-CROP/p/577716 in a large which is a struggle to zip up, but when on feels a little loose on the shoulders) My biggest thing is obviously prior to surgery I was much smaller, so I could easily just buy a size 10 and not need to worry about the cup size (and to be honest I just went braless most of the time), but I'm not really sure whether these are meant to be super tight and a struggle to get on or still feel relatively comfortable. I imagine if I tried to squeeze into a 10 or something with my E cups now I'd really struggle! I guess the biggest thing I'm after is any anecdotes about girls who have worn similar bras to these for bed, or if you recommend actually finding something in the size 10E for peace of mind to sleep in? I've ran this by my surgeon, but he's advised for me to go at my own discretion as for what is comfortable. My next appointment with him isn't until the new year given he travels regularly for work. I was planning to take a few of my crops in to clarify with him at that point given we might need to do some scoring on my right breast and i'll more then likely be stuck in a post op bra for a week or two again, (or at least in the crops haha) but for now I was hoping some ladies might be able to give advice in regards to understanding how supportive something is meant to be?? Am I meant to be slightly uncomfortable or? I get worried that with the crops I currently have that there's a bit of looseness on the shoulders, but is that necessarily bad? Sorry for the ramble! And thanks in advance for any answers!
  9. Hey girls! Just a quick question for those of you who are cleared to start wearing normal bras and whatnot- what do you sleep in? I have weird anxiety about ditching my post op bra now! It's so strange because it's left me really uncertain of how things are meant to fit haha. Like, obviously the post op garment was a lot tighter then most things are, but now i'm so unsure and I have all these crop tops from places like kmart that I bought pre surgery in sizes 12 and 14 to account for the new assets (I'm usually a size 10 for reference and they fit fairly snug pre op), but now I'm not sure if these are right or not! I have the blue sports bra from best n less that struggles to zip up, but then it's shoulder straps are quite loose and i'm worried that while sleeping i won't be getting appropriate support. Given I never wore a bra pre surgery when sleeping or around the house, i'm super confused as what I should be doing! My next appointment isn't until after the new year, so while I plan to take one of each style of crop to check with my surgeon, I'm still hoping I can find a good alternative for the next month or so that doesn't see me just sleeping in my post op bra/wearing my post op bra around the house haha!
  10. @Soph132 I'm not 110% clear to go to underwire yet due to my complication on one side (the breast tissue hasn't relaxed on one of the implants properly, so it's a waiting game until my 3 months! It can either fix itself, or at 3 months time we'll fix it ourselves haha!) but I'm allowed in bralettes majority of the time which is awesome! I'm still in the habit of wearing my post op bra when I sleep, but honestly it feels weird to be out of the post op bra most of the time! I find myself weirdly happy to get back into it where I know my boobies are safe haha! But yeah! A 10E! I was so shocked. I kept expecting the different stores to tell me otherwise, but they all had the same result. I measured myself when I got home just to make sure as well and yup. E boobies! I never in my wildest dreams expected this haha. It's strange though because they don't look huge in person at all.
  11. I haven't checked in in ages! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. I went and got sized today! Given I'm 6 weeks post op now, I'm starting to sus out bras. Apparently I've lost a bit of weight during post op, because I'm measuring at a 10E! I've been a 12 band most of my teenage/adult life so this was a huge surprise to see, and I even got it reconfirmed at multiple stores just to double check. While I'm super excited about the size and how they look, I'm struggling with the impact it's going to have on my wallet! I'm used to the $10 kmart bras that could fit my 12B's before hand, so now knowing I'm looking at $60+ for a 10E from bras n things has me a little rattled. I suppose after spending so much on getting them done, it's a worthwhile investment to have good, long lasting supportive bras- but at the same time I can't help but think ouch! I went in today and tried on a few- didn't buy any though because I wanted to confirm with my surgeon if he thinks I'll change much more in size. He's given me the A-okay to go ahead and buy bras because he doesn't think there will be any size changes now, so I'm sitting here with a $200 bras and things order (all that for 3 bras!) and contemplating taking advantage of their after pay system so it doesn't hurt quite so much.
  12. @EmT, @Bond007, @Fi.b thank you all so much for thinking of me! Today I am beyond relieved! I made sure to go in with a list of questions and I got everything I'd been worrying about answered. My surgeon is confident that it is just my breast tissue on the right side being stubborn, and that it should relax within the next two months. We went over all the reasons why it's not a proper double bubble and why it's not window shading and so forth, so I'm feeling a lot more reassured now. If the tissue hasn't completely relaxed by my 3 month check up, we'll be doing a simple little fix through local anaesthetic and I'll only have to pay for that without the surgeon fee. Now that we've discussed the time frame, the cost and what the revision would entail if it had to occur, I'm much, much more content and at ease. Honestly, seeing my doctor again in person was just such a relief and he's super happy with how everything is going. My areola incisions are healing nicely, and I no longer have to wear my steri strips either! I may have taken some of the advice TOO well on the weekend though ladies! Saturday saw me drink three bottles of wine, but it definitely helped to ease the stress haha! I handed in my honours project for university today as well, so now I'm 110% done with my post grad study, plus I'm reassured about my boobs AND I'm allowed out of my post op bra so I can show them off as well! I feel like the biggest weight is off my shoulders. I'm due to go up to the sunshine coast this weekend with friends, so I bought a new bikini to celebrate given I'm also cleared for swimming! Thank you all so much for the support and listening to me moan and freak out. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated! x
  13. @donatella unfortunately he actually travels a lot for work, so monday's the earliest I've actually been able to see him since the line appeared. It's my 4 week post op check up, so it'll be my second check up since surgery. I appreciate the honesty, and I do try to keep it in mind not to be overly hopeful, but I figure at this point I'm happy to give the benefit of the doubt. It is still early post op, and he's been honest that it might need a revision, and that he intends to see it through if it does. I did ask about an earlier appointment when I first noticed everything, but unfortunately he was in Sydney for the week so we weren't able to do much more then that. By the time I go in to see him, it'll have been just over a week since I first noticed the line so I don't feel like I've been fobbed off too much at this point. It's refreshing to have someone be a bit more realistic about it though, so thank you Donatella! My mum and my partner are treading on eggshells with me at the moment, and I feel like I'm the villain for wanting to be realistic and wanting to get all the facts. But so far at this point, I've got faith in him and from all the messages we've sent back and forward (this is including pictures as well), I'm just relieved to have someone who's happy to take the time to explain everything to me and try to keep me calm. If things feel like they're going south, I'm not scared of going to another surgeon but I do want to believe in the best from my surgeon- especially when he's been so lovely to me. We've discussed the possibility of a revision (I think he hasn't wanted to 100% confirm anything without seeing me in person), and given that he'll be in the Brisbane clinic on monday I think we'll finally be able to start locking everything down! Thank you so much once again though- and especially for the reassurance that it's fixable! I've been scouring the forums the past few days and I've seen a few girls who have had similar issues actually work out with time, so I guess it's just a bit of a waiting game at the moment which sucks because I'm not particularly patient!
  14. @Kazza @Bearynice thank you both for the kind words! It's just been so frustrating this last week. They were looking so amazing and everything I dreamed of and then this has happened, and at such a bad time as well! Rather then just kicking back and trying to relax, I'm instead rushing around trying to finish a year long project to present on Monday and I'm just a big bundle of anxiety which I know is awful for me! All I want to do is curl up and binge watch some shows, but instead I'm left typing away and trying to get everything organised for this presentation. I'm hoping after Monday I'll just have a bit more certainty about everything. Dr Chinsee has been absolutely wonderful to me, and my partner and my mum are both incredibly pleased with how he's been replying to my problems- but obviously I'm not going to be 100% at ease until he has a look in person so we can actually confirm everything and make a game plan. I've got my fingers crossed at the very least I'll be told that I no longer need the tapes from my donut lift and that I can actually spend some time out of the post op bra. I feel like it's been so hard to put the complications out of my mind when I'm in this post op bra 24/7 and constantly trying to dress to hide it when I go out. I look forward to when I can just throw on anything and can have a normal long shower without worrying about my tapes. The reminder is just irritating, and honestly I've been avoiding seeing friends because I'm nervous that they'll ask me about how it's all going and then I'll be reminded even more. Tonight's plan is to hopefully get some more work done, and then just try to keep myself busy over the weekend as well. My apartment's a mess at the moment, so hopefully I'll be able to get some cleaning done over the weekend but righty has just been so temperamental and I worry about over working it. I think I'm going to try and drive tomorrow (first time in four weeks!) to take myself down to the local shops and do some groceries and buy myself something nice though. Sunday's going to be crazy with running around trying to print stuff off, so hopefully I'll get myself over to Monday without it feeling like it's dragging on too much. I think I'll be taking your advice and indulging a bit in the chocolate and wine over the next few days though. Fingers crossed at the end of all of this it'll be worth it. I'm thankful that despite the complication that they still look lovely when my arms are down. I just keep trying to remind myself at the moment things could be much worse.
  15. I feel like it's getting worse and worse, plus I woke up with what appears to be mondors cord this morning. I just feel like crying. I don't know how I'm meant to get through the weekend with all this anxiety. Edit: contacted my surgeon again and he's doing his best to put me at ease. I really just want Monday to be here already. ?
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