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  1. Thank you for the recommendation, Chinchilla! On average, how much does she charge for a small amount (1ml, I guess?)
  2. Hi all, After spending my whole life hating my lips I am wanting to finally try out some fillers. I see a lot of younger women getting them when they already have decent lips just to achieve an OTT look but I have naturally very thin lips, a small mouth, and lack of pigment (hence why I don't like them!) Can anyone recommend a good place in Sydney, preferably on the North side of the bridge or around the city, to get some filler for a young first-timer? I want someone who understands how to totally change the apperance of what I was born with without going so far as Kylie Jenner, basically! Cheers!
  3. I am wondering if anyone has had or knows much about lip lift procedures? I have a very thin upper lip but a normal lower lip, and I'm skeptical as to whether fillers would help me much as the actual shape is the main problem. I am located in Sydney.
  4. I've never been happy with my nose for as long as I can remember being conscious of my appearance. I am of mixed ethnicity, with half of that being Middle Eastern so it's hardly surprising I don't have a tiny little white girl nose. I grew up in a very white area of Sydney so I do question my own perception of my nose because I have had the requisite mean comments/bullying over the years which have probably shaped my own opinions. Having said that, I have definitely had various trauma to the area over the years and definitely have a deviated septum. Unsure whether this is genetic (my mother also has it but it doesn't affect the symmetry of her nasal bridge like it does mine) or caused by accidents while growing up (I am very clumsy and tend to fall over/bash into things a lot, and there was also one time when my cousin threw a hard plastic toy at my face which I remember hurting a lot but didn't cause any bleeding.) Anyway, I have always wanted to get my nose fixed. Over the years I have come to accept the size (I actually like the fact that it's an ethnic marker, and I think it looks pretty in profile) but it's so messed up and asymmetrical from a front on view. I have also been experiencing a lot of breathing and congestion problems which is unpleasant to say the least. Earlier this year I decided to actually see an ENT about it so got a referral from my GP and had a consultation. He was very nice and confirmed my congestion and that my septum is deviated, but recommended I be allergy tested and try some decongestants. I have tried some of that, I know I am developing allergies, but I also really want some cosmetic solution. I have watched so many of those shows about botched plastic surgery which makes me nervous because I don't want to change my face completely, I just want the best version of MY nose. I would like it to be straight and symmetrical and I guess more defined at the bridge and nostrils from front on? I have booked another appointment with the ENT for next week to discuss my options. I don't have private health cover and am a student so not in a position to pay a lot of money, so would be looking at the public health system. The other thing is that I objectively don't have the best, most accurate view of myself. I had severe eating disorders for many years starting in childhood so I'm prone to overanalysing/seeing fault where there is very little. This makes me scared of pursuing cosmetic surgery as well because I question how noticeable something is from my subjective viewpoint vs what others objectively see. I want help without someone trying to convince me that I am even worse than I originally thought. I guess I just want some input to see if anyone with similar concerns has had good outcomes through surgery, and from whom; or if anyone has been in a similar position and not gone ahead with it/why?
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